Volunteering at III

One purpose in establishing Isha Institute is to provide a supportive infrastructure to accelerate one’s growth on the spiritual path.  Every aspect of the daily schedule is geared towards turning each moment into sadhana; a means to grow continuously.  Now with the powerfully consecrated Adiyogi: The Abode of Yoga gracing the space, Isha Institute is a “re-charge” point for anyone visiting, whether a day, weekend or long-term stay.

The pace at which the Institute is growing is truly awe-inspiring. With Sadhguru’s grace, nearly every weekend an Isha program is offered, and hundreds come to visit. You can be a part of this tremendous movement from home or at the Isha Institute, joining volunteers dedicated to Sadhguru’s work.

Re-charge your sadhana by volunteering for iii programs

Volunteering at Isha Institute programs gives you the chance to reconnect with the program experience, working together to make the possibility available to hundreds more and soaking in the powerful atmosphere that is created.

Sadhguru has said that volunteering is an important sadhana because it focuses on how one goes about their daily activity, regardless of the end result. Volunteering can transform and hasten one’s growth in a tremendous way.

As a full-time volunteer for a program:

  • Spend time in Adi Yogi: The Abode of Yoga
  • Join select class sessions to refresh and deepen your experience
  • Lodging and meals included complimentary
  • Leave feeling energized and fulfilled as an important part of Sadhguru’s work

Please note: It is a prerequisite to take the Inner Engineering program with Shambhavi Mahamudra in order to volunteer for programs at iii.

Upcoming programs open for volunteering

If volunteer registration for the program you are interested in is already full, we encourage you to sign up for another program.

After signing up to volunteer for a program, you will receive an email containing additional information relevant to the program.

If you need to book transportation to or from iii, please call 931-668-1900. Additionally, volunteers from your area may be traveling to iii. Please get in touch with your local coordinator or Ishaanga.

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