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Thevarams are devotional hymns sung in praise of Shiva by the 3 Nayanmars: Sambandar, Thirunavukkarasar and Sundarar. Rendered in an ancient musical style that precedes most Indian classical music systems, these songs give us an insight into the wave of bhakti that swept across southern India during the 7th Century.

The Thevaram album is a collection of 6 hymns rendered in a unique style by the Isha Samskriti students, and is a humble effort to offer a fragment of this rich and glorious cultural treasure to the world.


(An Introduction to Thevaram)

Sadhguru speaks about the essence of bhakti, the celebrated Nayanmars, and many more forgotten sages and saints, who shone amongst the millions that have walked this land. He speaks about how it is possible for every one of us to access such states of abandon and ecstasy. His words are preceded by an invocation that is traditionally chanted before singing any Thevaram.

1) Thillai Vazh Andhanar

This is a Thiruthondar thogai (a sacred list) or an ode to the devotees of Shiva, and the Dikshitars at Thillai Nataraja Temple. Sundarar is credited with first having spoken about Nayanmars in this Thevaram, based upon which an entire epic was later written by Sekkizhar about the life of Nayanmars – The Periyapuranam. In this Thevaram, Sundarar praises all the 63 Nayanmars in his unique way, and bows down to these devotees of Shiva.

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2) Manthiram Avadhu Neeru

Madurai was ruled by a king called Koon (Hunchback) Pandiyan in the 7th century CE. He was stricken by an illness that no medicine at the time could cure. Sambandar cured him of it, and his hunchback, by the use of sacred ash or Thiruneer, whilst singing the song “Manthiram Avadhu Neeru”.

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3) Pitha Pirai Soodi

Pitha Pirai Soodi was Sundarar's first poetic expression at the age of 16. It is said that Shiva came in disguise to Sundarar's wedding to remind him that he belongs to Shiva. With that reminder,Sundarar poured out his devotion through this song.

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4) Thodudaiya Seviyan

It is said that at the age of three, Sambandar was taken to a temple, where Shiva and Parvati had appeared before him. After a while, the child’s father noticed drops of milk on his lips. it is said that he was fed the milk of wisdom by goddess Parvathi herself. When asked about it, the child broke into a song - Thodudaiya Seviyan.

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5) Vaananai Madhi Soodiya

Saint Thirunavakkarasar sang Vaananai Madhi Soodiya in praise of Lord Shiva's form in the Thiruvannamalai temple. One of the 5 elemental temples, Thiruvannamalai is a powerful consecration of the Fire element

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6) Madar Pirai Kanni Yanai

Despite his old age, Appar had a strong desire to see Kailash, to see Shiva. He started walking, but being over the age of 80, his legs soon gave away. Appar then crawled towards Kailash, and soon he had many bruises on his arms and legs, but still he went on. Shiva, impressed by his devotion, appeared and fulfilled his desire. This was when he sang “Madar Pirai Kanni Yanai”.

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How did Thevaram originate?

Here is a short story about the Origins of Thevaram

Thiru Gnana Sambandar

Have you heard of the 3 year old Nayanmar? Here is a story where he went to visit a Shiva temple with his parents. It is said he was fed by goddess Parvati herself…

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Sundaramurthy Nayanar

Find out what happened when Shiva interrupted the wedding of Sundaramurthy Nayanar disguised as an old man.


Appar or Thirunavukkarasar had an eventful life. Here is one incident where in his eighties, he went to Kailash in search of Shiva. This is the story of the song “Madar Pirai Kanni Yanai” from the album.

Story of Nayanmars

Devotion is at the very core of Tamil culture. Blessed by Beings who lived in beautiful states of bhakti, the Tamil land has a rich heritage of literary work that was an outpouring of deep spiritual experience...