Front side of lord Shiva the Adiyogi statue in black and white.

Story of Nayanmars

Devotion is at the very core of Tamil culture. Blessed by Beings who lived in beautiful states of bhakti, the Tamil land has a rich heritage of literary work that was an outpouring of deep spiritual experience.

The celebrated Nayanmars are 63 mystics and sages, who inspired many by constantly living in a state of abandon and ecstasy. Living as an offering to life around them, the Nayanmars have left behind Thevaram - an eternal treasure that gives us a taste of absolute dissolution and a profound insight into life.

Here are some select stories from the lives of the Nayanmars, that illustrate how they lived lives beyond the limitation of body and mind.

Thiru Neelakanda Nayanar

Thiru Neelakanda and his wife were blessed with eternal youth after taking the oath of remaining celibate despite remaining married.