Front side of lord Shiva the Adiyogi statue in black and white.

Why should we stay awake on Mahashivratri?

Sadhguru explains why staying up on MahaShivRatri is of great significance and narrates the "Science of MahaShivRatri".

If you are look at the evolutionary development of various species you will notice that moving from invertebrate to vertebrate is one significant step and other significant step in the evolutionary process is a spine moving from horizontal position to vertical position.

The True development of the brain happened only after the spine became vertical.On this day,where there is a natural upsurge of energy,keeping the spine vertical throughout the night has immense benefits.

The Mahashivratri is a tremendous possibility for one to heighten his perception.It is my wish and blessing that you must make use of the coming Mashashivratri night to enhance your perception to have a taste of a larger slice of the life.


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