Embrace Shiva, Embrace Life

– Sadhguru looks at the all-encompassing nature of Shiva, and how Shiva embodies contradictory qualities that defy explanation. Sadhguru reveals how if we can embrace Shiva, we have embraced life itself in all its dimensions. #MahaShivRatri2019

Previous Episodes

  • Episode #1

    Sadhguru tells the story of why Shiva ripped off Brahma’s fifth head, and how Shiva explored the nature of creation to attain to a point of absolute stillness

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  • Shiva’s dispassion

    Episode #2

    Sadhguru tells us a story to illustrate the extent of Shiva’s dispassion, and how dispassion is the ultimate flower

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  • Episode #3

    Sadhguru explains the symbolism of the Nataraja form of Shiva, and how it represents the dance of creation

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  • Episode #4

    Sadhguru explains why Shiva is often known as Bholenath, the innocent one, and tells us the story of Bhasmasura and Shiva

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  • Episode #5

    Sadhguru tells the story of the Somasundara form of Shiva, and how Shiva is always inebriated but fully alert. Intoxication is an essential quality of meditativeness. If you are not drunk, how can you just sit? It’ll be torturous. Intoxicated but fully alert, that’s Shiva’s quality. He carried the moon. The symbolism is he’s always drunk upon himself, no substances

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  • Adiyogi

    Special Episode

    Shiva, in the yogic tradition is not known as a god, but the Adiyogi, the first yogi. Vaibhav Shiva was an eight-day spiritual cultural event, where Sadhguru took 200 participants by the hand to explore and celebrate the grandeur of Shiva.

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  • Episode 1 -ShivaTribe

    Sadhguru speaks about Akka Mahadevi, an intense devotee beyond all social norms and reason. He narrates the incident which led to her shedding all possessions and walking the spiritual path, while also sharing a poem of hers where she responds to her mother’s calls to return to society.

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  • Episode 2 -ShivaTribe

    Sadhguru speaks about Allama Mahaprabhu, who was so steeped in devotion to Shiva that he had literally become devoid of himself and transformed into “that which is not”. Here Sadhguru narrates a story from a time when Allama Mahaprabhu was challenged to a duel by another powerful yogi.

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  • Episode 3 -ShivaTribe

    Sadhguru speaks about Devara Dasimaya, a poet-saint and devotee of Shiva from Karnataka, who was also a weaver. Once he wove a marvelous piece of cloth for months on end, which he took to the marketplace. This is the story of the remarkable events that unfold on that day.

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  • Episode 4 -ShivaTribe

    Sadhguru speaks about Poosalar, a mystic and devotee of Shiva who lived most of his life in poverty. In this narrative, he tells the story of how Shiva promised to visit Poosalar’s temple, even though the king was inaugurating a grand temple for Shiva on the same day.

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  • Episode 5 -ShivaTribe

    An outcaste in the society who worked as a bonded labor surrendered himself to a force which bent the laws of man, gods and nature. The man later became a celebrated sage named Nandanar who was named after a miraculous event that happened to him at a Shiva temple.

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