#YogiShiva: Embrace Shiva, Embrace Life

When we say Shiva, if you look at his life process, he went through everything that any human being would go through. He is many things at the same time. He is the most beautiful, he is the ugliest, he is a great ascetic, he is a family person, he is the most disciplined, he is a drunkard, he is a drug addict, he is a dancer, he is absolutely still. Gods worship him, demons worship him, all kind of creatures in the world worship him.

If you can accept this man who is a complex formation of every quality that you can find on this planet, if you can accept him you have crossed life itself.

In the coming weeks we explore the qualities of Shiva, like Stillness, Exuberance and Intoxication. Stay tuned for more such videos.

Episode 1 – February 10th