30 Shiva Quotes From Sadhguru

Most popular Shiva Quotes from Sadhguru. Shiva is known as the Adiyogi - the first yogi and the source of Yoga. These Adiyogi quotes by Sadhguru are sure to enrich your life.

“I want the world to know that the originator of yoga is the Adiyogi, Shiva himself.” – Sadhguru

“Adiyogi predates all religion; in celebration of the universality of his methods, this glorious face of 112 ft height.” – Sadhguru

“Adiyogi is a symbol, a possibility, and a source of tools to transform yourself and create your own life.” – Sadhguru

“The significance of Adiyogi is he provided methods to evolve human consciousness that are relevant for all times.” – Sadhguru

“The spine of knowledge that the Adiyogi created is the source of almost everything you can call spiritual on the planet.” – Sadhguru

“In the yogic culture, Shiva is seen as the Adi (first) Yogi – the source of knowing and liberation.” – Sadhguru

“The greatest power in existence is Shiva. Shiva means nothingness. Nothingness, the very basis of Everything.” – Sadhguru

“No matter what your life situation is, Shiva is always relevant – that is why he is Mahadeva. Shiva, a solution not for petty problems but for Liberation.” – Sadhguru

“They say God is everywhere. Some-thing can only be some-where. Only no-thing can be everywhere. Shiva means nothingness, ‘that which is not.’ ” – Sadhguru

“We say Shiva is swayambhu– that means he has no parentage. No father, no mother, because genetics means repetition, which means cyclical nature. Cyclical nature means you are going in circles, which means you are not going anywhere.” – Sadhguru

“Shiva is depicted with a snake around his neck with a raised hood, to indicate that the energies have hit the peak.” – Sadhguru

“Shiva is not a god up there above but a living presence here.” – Sadhguru

“Kalabhairava is a unique manifestation of Shiva in the form of Time.” – Sadhguru

“Shiva is everywhere. If you are there, you cannot feel it. If you are not, That is all there is.” – Sadhguru

“There is no Shiva without linga. The linga is the passage to the boundless nothingness that we refer to as Shiva.” – Sadhguru

“Dhyanalinga, Mahashivratri, and various other things we do are just efforts to express our gratitude to Adiyogi. Without him, we are nothing.” – Sadhguru

“I am not a devotee of Shiva. He is my fifty-fifty partner. He sleeps, I work.” – Sadhguru

“What we refer to as Shiva is the non-physical dimension of existence, which is the largest dimension in the cosmos.” – Sadhguru

“The significance of Shiva is this: When he taught the dimension that we refer to as Yoga for the very first time, he brought this possibility of Union with creation into human life.” – Sadhguru

“We refer to Adiyogi as Shiva, because he perceived the dimension that we refer to as Shiva or ‘that which is not.’ There is no distinction between ‘that which is not,’ and the one who perceives it.” – Sadhguru

“The work of Adiyogi is the greatest contribution ever to human consciousness. We want his work to live in people's hearts, minds, and bodies. We want to bring this science to humanity, as a living force.” – Sadhguru

“The first form of Shiva was established as a tower of light, Kashi.” – Sadhguru

“Shiva likes people who are not inclined towards anything but simply a burning.” – Sadhguru

“The limitless nothingness that is the very basis of existence is what we refer to as Shiva.” – Sadhguru

“We did not say Shiva is divine. We did not say Shiva is god. We said Shiva is ‘that which is not.’” – Sadhguru

“Shiva means ‘that which is not.’ It is in the lap of this vast nothingness that creation has happened.” – Sadhguru

“Adiyogi is a Yogi, but we call him Shiva because he is a boundless possibility. He is the seed of boundlessness.” – Sadhguru

“Everything comes from nothing and goes back to nothingness. This nothingness, which is the source of all creation, is what is being referred to as Shiva.” – Sadhguru

“Everything that you call creation comes from nothing and goes back to nothing. This nothingness, which is the source of all creation, is what we refer to as Shiva” – Sadhguru

“Shiva is Ardhanari – that means he is half a woman, half a man. Without the feminine dimension, he cannot be a Yogi” – Sadhguru


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