The Oldest Form of Martial Arts
Known as "the mother of all martial arts," Kalaripayattu is said to have originated from the Dhanurveda, a scientific treatise on the art of warfare in ancient Bharat (India).
Though the art form’s significance as a combat code has receded, in a phoenix-like resurrection, Kalaripayattu is today emerging as a source of inspiration for self-expression in dance forms - both traditional and contemporary, theater and fitness.
Practicing Kalaripayattu increases one’s flexibility and agility, strengthens the muscles and tendons by exercising the body without the need for any equipment.
What you’ll learn
9 Live Online Sessions,
1 Hour and 15 Minutes Each
Set 1
Comprising of 6 basics practices, this first set increases the flexibility of the legs.
Set 2
Surya Chandra Vanakkangal
Learn the first 6 of a series of practices which exercises the entire system and increases the blood circulation in the body
Set 3
Mei Adavugal
Mei means ‘body’ and Adavu means ‘movement’ or ‘technique’. Learn a few basic Mei Adavugal to improve the flexibility and strength of the legs and back.
Upcoming Program Details
Session details
9 sessions, 1 hour and 15 minutes every day
Age 14+
Guidelines & Requirements
  • It is mandatory to attend all the sessions in sequence, in order to complete the program.
  • Please be in a light stomach condition (2.5 hours after a meal).
  • A 10 ft x 5 ft area is required to participate in the class. A quiet outdoor space is preferred.
  • The flooring should not be slippery as it can lead to injuries.
  • For any medical concerns, please refer to the Health Disclaimer in the registration form. If you have any health conditions, please consult your doctors prior to registration.
  • Zoom Conferencing App is needed to participate.
  • A Wi-Fi or wired internet connection is recommended.
Timezone : CDT
Date Time
2 Apr - 10 Apr 11:00 PM - 12:15 AM
20 May - 28 may 6:00 AM - 7:15 AM
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“Kalari is about becoming a weapon without violence.”—Sadhguru
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Program Requirements
Can I eat or drink during the program or do I need to be in an empty-stomach condition?
Since the program is physical in nature, please be on a light stomach condition.( at least 2.5 hours after your last meal) prior to attending the session. During the session, please refrain from eating or drinking.
Can I attend the session outdoors?
You can, it' is best if you have a dedicated space to go through the program without any distractions. Please avoid being in extreme weather conditions like heat or cold.
If I missed one of the sessions, can I attend the remaining ones?
It is mandatory to attend all 9 sessions to complete the program. You must attend the sessions live. If you miss a session, you will not be able to continue the program.
If I miss the program, will the recording be available offline for viewing?
No, you must attend all the sessions live.
Can I ask questions during the session?
Yes, limited time will be available for asking questions.
How often should I do these practices?
It is recommended to do these practices for 20 -25 min on a daily basis.
If I have never been exposed to any physical exercise/ yoga or martial arts, will I be able to go through the program?
Yes, this is an ancient form of martial art that can be taken up by anyone for its many health benefits. However, it is important to not push oneself, and to do it to the extent it is comfortable.
What is the minimum age required to participate in this program?
The minimum age limit to participate in the program is 14 years. Those below 18 years of age should register with parental consent.
Can pregnant women attend this session?
No, pregnant women cannot attend the session.
Can I attend if I have health problems?
You should consult with your doctor or other appropriate healthcare provider prior to and regarding your participation in the program as it is physical in nature. People with the following health conditions should refrain from participating: history of fainting, fits, stroke, angina, heart attack, spinal problems, musculoskeletal issues (pain and swelling of joints, bone, cartilage, ligament, tendon) uncontrolled bleeding of any kind, chronic fatigue, uncontrolled diabetes, uncontrolled hypertension, active glaucoma, retina problems, severe nutritional deficiencies, active rheumatic problem, hernia, major surgery in the past 6 months, minor surgery in the past 3 months, COVID-19 infection within the past 3 weeks, active post COVID-19 symptoms, pregnant or planning for pregnancy.
How do I register for the program?
Please visit this link to register for the program. Click on the "Register Now" button and log in using your Isha profile. If you do not have an Isha profile, you can click on "Sign Up" to create a profile. Then, fill the registration form and click on the "Complete Registration" button. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email.
I did not receive the confirmation email for the program. What should I do?
If you have already submitted the registration form and did not receive a confirmation email, please check your Spam/Promotions/Other folders. If you are still unable to find it, please send your details to the support team from your registered email address. To find the contact details for the support team in your region, click here.
Is my registration transferable to another person?
No, your registration cannot be transferred to another person
Can I join after the program starts?
The program is structured in a way where you go through it step by step. As such, you must join the program from the beginning.
What are the recommended hardware and internet requirements for this program?
You can use any laptop / desktop computer or mobile device. If you are using a phone, it is best to connect to Wi-Fi and keep the phone on Airplane Mode during the session.Please ensure that the device you use for the program is kept on charge for the entire duration of the program. Internet Requirements: A stable internet access with sufficient bandwidth (2 mbps) and internet data of 1.0 GB for each session. A Wi-Fi or wired internet connection is recommended. The best-recommended browser is Google Chrome.
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