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Sambandar Thevaram


Learn a simple dance composition that introduces the basics of movement and gestures in Bharatanatyam.

5 Live Online Sessions

Indian Classical Dance Form

Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest classical dance forms that originated in southern India. Initially practiced as an offering in temples, Bharatanatyam today has adapted and evolved to be one of the most prevalent performing arts.

Interlaced with melody and rhythm, this art form is a unique way of expressing oneself through movement. Practicing Bharatanatyam brings a sense of awareness of your body, mind and emotions, helping improve your balance and stability.

What you’ll learn

5 Live Online Sessions,

1 Hour 15 minutes Each

A dance composition set to the lyrics of Sambandar Thevaram, select verses from the Thevaram, an anthology of devotional Tamil poetry.

Composed by the Moovar, a trio of Tamil Bhakti poets, the Thevaram is an outpouring of their devotion through language and expression. These verses refer to the various attributes of Lord Shiva.

In this program, you will explore how to portray these descriptions visually through dance. As an assistance in learning this composition, you will be introduced to a few preparatory dance postures and movements.


    • Improves awareness of one's body and hand-eye coordination

    • Understanding of some basic gestures of Bharatanatyam

    • Improves stability

Upcoming Program Details

SGD 160
Session details
5 sessions, 1 hour 15 minutes every day

Aug 17 - Aug 2101:30 AM - 02:45 AM

5 Live Online Sessions,

1 Hour 15 Minutes Each

Sadhguru's Image
“The highest way the body can express itself is dance because that is the highest level of exuberance it finds.”-Sadhguru

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