Keep Up with Sadhguru

A Quick Recap of the Last Few Weeks

Mouni Roy Meets Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center


Sadhguru spoke with the actress Mouni Roy at the Isha Yoga Center about the Save Soil movement. They discussed the dire situation of farmer suicides in India due to degraded soil. Mouni asked why a spiritual seeker should be concerned about soil, and Sadhguru responded by highlighting that only when someone is well nourished, will they aspire to look beyond what they know.

Neeti Mohan, Mukti Mohan and Shakti Mohan Visit the Isha Home School


Sadhguru spoke with singer Neeti Mohan, dancer Shakti Mohan, and dancer Mukti Mohan at the Isha Home School. The sisters had an engaging discussion covering various topics such as power in society, dealing with discrimination, the need for comfort, and, of course, the Save Soil movement. Sadhguru spoke about conditions in relationships not just between people, but also with the planet.

Sadhguru Cooks With Master Chef Sanjeev Kapoor


Popular Indian chef and Padma Shri awardee Sanjeev Kapoor met Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center, and the pair cooked up a storm with fresh ingredients picked from the Center’s own farm. While preparing akki roti (a rice-based flatbread), the pair talked about soil, and cooking secrets. Sadhguru spoke about how he was never allowed in the kitchen as a child, and how he learned to cook. He ended the cooking session with a powerful statement about soil for all people who love food, saying, “If your cooking has to taste good, the soil has to be good. So, you have a special responsibility to raise the chorus. [For] one hundred days, make enough noise about the soil.”

In the Grace of Yoga With Sadhguru at the Isha Yoga Center

28 Feb – 4 Mar

In this year’s in the “In the Grace of Yoga” program, Sadhguru delved into the very essence of Yoga and took both online and in-person participants through powerful meditations and insightful discourses. The program included the powerful Pancha Bhuta Kriya process with Sadhguru at Dhyanalinga on Mahashivratri.

Sadhguru Speaks to Caribbean Leaders at CARICOM 2022


Sadhguru spoke online with government representatives and ministers at the CARICOM meeting 2022, ahead of his visit to the Caribbean to discuss the Save Soil movement. CARICOM is an intergovernmental organization of 15 Caribbean member states. During the conversation, representatives from Dominica, Trinidad and Tobago, and Grenada expressed enthusiastic support for the movement. Sadhguru shared that he felt that the Caribbean could set an example for other parts of the world with regard to soil rejuvenation.

Robin Raina in Conversation With Sadhguru for Republic TV


Sadhguru had a conversation with Robin Raina for Republic TV. Robin Raina is an Indian-born American industrial engineer, businessman, and philanthropist, who is the chairman, president, and chief executive officer of Ebix Group and the founder of Robin Raina Foundation. Robin Raina and Sadhguru spoke about the emergence of businesses as national and global leaders in the future. They also discussed the pitfalls of a profit-driven society, and the need for businesses to take a gentler and more inclusive approach if they are to take up this responsibility of leadership.

Captain Zoya Agarwal in Conversation With Sadhguru


Indian commercial pilot Captain Zoya Agarwal met with Sadhguru for a conversation at the Isha Yoga Center. They discussed the joys and freedom of flight, breaking all limitations, saving soil, and the uniqueness and beauty of life. Speaking on self-imposed limitations, Sadhguru talked about not being held back or limited by anything, even your own dreams.

Sadhguru’s Interview With the Deccan Herald Newspaper on the Save Soil Movement


In a candid interview with the Deccan Herald, Sadhguru talked about how democracy requires participation and cooperation, explaining that pointing fingers or negative activism is ineffective even within a circle of friends and family, let alone on a larger scale. He highlighted that one must be part of the solution and offer something constructive when one points out an issue. Sadhguru also spoke about soil from a different perspective – that of constructing a city. He discussed ways of living with nature while being self-sufficient, and without drastically modifying the environment – such as getting accustomed to walking on natural surfaces.

Subah Saraf and Harshvardhan Saraf From Sattvic Movement Speak With Sadhguru


Sadhguru met with Subah Saraf and Harshvardhan Saraf from the non-profit health education platform Sattvic Movement. The conversation was wide-ranging, covering various aspects of food and soil. Sadhguru spoke about the grueling and devastating impact of famines, and our responsibility to avoid such a future. He also discussed the health impact of living in overly sanitized and managed conditions, and how it slowly weakens our systems.

Sadhguru Speaks with Social Media Influencers


Sadhguru spoke to a number of social media influencers throughout February and March, including: Nihal Ranjit (Brut India), Prajakta Koli (MostlySane), Ranveer Allahbadia (BeerBiceps), Russian blogger Gusein Gasanov, Abhi and Niyu, Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast), and comedian Tanmay Bhat. During the course of these engaging conversations, Sadhguru talked about a wide array of topics ranging from relationships to marriage, technology, success, and death. But the main theme was addressing the dire state of the world’s soil. He beseeched everyone to come together and speak up to save soil, explaining that the governments will only act if enough people express the desire.