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Kalabhairava Karma

Rituals for the Deceased

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This is a ritual for the deceased, done by invoking Devi’s Grace within a particular time span after death. It brings a certain ease and pleasant transition for both natural and unnatural deaths.
  • Kalabhairava Karma can be done within a certain period of time after someone’s death. However, another process called Kalabhairava Shanti can be done any time after death.

“We would like people to live blissfully. If they don’t live blissfully, then at least they should die peacefully. If they don’t even do that, we want to do something for them after their death.”

– Sadhguru


Linga Bhairavi is used as the energy base to conduct certain processes for the deceased.

A process is conducted at Linga Bhairavi, followed by a process at the Nirkaya Sthanam (a specially dedicated pond at Isha Yoga Center). Prasadam of ash from the process is then prepared, offered to Devi, and given to the family. If the family is not present, the prasadam can be couriered within India.


  • A photo of the deceased (while they were alive)

  • A clothing item (except undergarments, saris, and clothes worn at the time of death)

  • A blood relative of the deceased should attend the process, whenever possible.

Timelines by Nature of Death

Death by Natural Causes

Above 50 years of age – within 14 days of the demise
Below 50 years of age – within 48 days
Above 84 years (or 1008 full moons) – any time after death

Unnatural Death

(Death due to sickness, suicide, accidents or homicide)

Above 33 years of age – within 48 days
Below 33 years of age – within 90 days

Kalabhairava Karma can also be performed for stillbirths or abortions (after 48 days of pregnancy).

Photo of the mother taken during that pregnancy is required.

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Kalabhairava Karma

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