Your varying geometry a cause

of concern, as the oceans slosh

and humans of the menstrual sort

grapple with Passion and manic Moods.

As if desperate to find the missing

form of that day and longing for

your fullness. After a day of deception

the Moony Madness relaunches itself

for our Birth.

Love & Grace,

In this recording from Buddha Purnima 2018, Sadhguru chants “Buddham Sharanam Gachhami.” Sadhguru says that all three aspects mentioned in the chant are equally important on the path: the Buddha – the enlightened one; the Dhamma – the method he gave; and the Sangha – all the people who are seeking. Sadhguru says, “If you are among seekers, you become a seeker.”


Buddham Sharanam Gachhami
Dhammam Sharanam Gachhami
Sangham Sharanam Gachhami

புத்தரின் அருளும் மதிமயக்கும் நிலவும்