Linga Bhairavi is unique in her manifestation in the form of a linga. The eight feet tall Devi was consecrated by Sadhguru as a powerful energy form with a solidified mercury core through prana pratishtha. This is a rare mystical process that uses life energies to transform mere stone into a deity.

Representing the creative and nurturing aspects of the universe, Devi is the ultimate manifestation of the Mother Goddess. She is powerful and all-encompassing.

Whether you seek to acquire, enjoy, or transcend the physical and material aspects of life – be it power and strength; wealth, riches, passion, and intensity; or knowledge, knowing and transcendence – the Devi is the Ultimate Giver of all that and much more.

The numerous scientifically structured processes like Kleshna Nasha Kriya, Sarpa Seva and Karna Veda to name a few are set up to help the individual for material and worldly benefits.

You can receive the Yantra during the Yantra Ceremony – a powerful initiation conducted by Sadhguru. This will connect you with the energies of Linga Bhairavi Devi.

“One who earns the Grace of Bhairavi neither has to live in concern or fear of life or death, of poverty, or failure. All that a human being considers as wellbeing will be his if only he earns the Grace of Bhairavi.”

– Sadhguru
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