Shivanga Sadhana For Gents

The Shivanga sadhana is about bringing into your awareness that you are a limb of Shiva, the very source of creation and the Ultimate Possibility. - Sadhguru
About the Sadhana
About Shivanga Sadhana
The Shivanga Sadhana for Gents is a powerful 42-day vrata (period of sadhana). Offered by Sadhguru, this sadhana enhances one's receptivity to the energies of Dhyanalinga and allows one to explore deeper levels of experience in body, mind, and energy.
The sadhana is an opportunity to bring forth devotion from within. Shivanga literally means “a limb of Shiva”, and the Shivanga Sadhana is an opportunity to bring our connection with the source of creation into our awareness. The sadhana is also an opportunity to make a pilgrimage to the sacred Velliangiri Mountains and be initiated into Shiva Namaskar, a powerful practice.
Become a Limb of Shiva
Become a Limb of Shiva
  • A powerful 42-day vrata
  • Initiation into the sacred “Shiva Namaskar” process
  • Pilgrimage to the Velliangiri Mountains known as the “Kailash of the South”
  • Provides a strong physical and psychological basis for inner exploration



    About Velliangiri
    About Velliangiri
    The Velliangiri Mountains are also known as Thenkailayam or the Kailash of the South – a space where Shiva, the Adiyogi himself spent some time. Over the ages, many siddhas and seers have enshrined their energies and Grace in these mountains, which can be accessed and imbibed even today. Every year, lakhs of devotees make the pilgrimage to the Velliangiri's sacred Seventh Hill, a space of tremendous power and energy.



    Why Pilgrimage?
    Why Pilgrimage
    Sadhguru: What is the difference between travel, a journey and a pilgrimage? People move from one place to another for a variety of reasons. There are explorers who are always looking for virgin land that they want to put their footprint on. They want to prove something. There are travelers who are curious to see everything, so they travel. There are tourists who just go to relax. There are other kinds of tourists who just go to escape from their work or family. But a pilgrim is not going for any of these purposes. A pilgrimage is not a conquest, it is a surrender. It is a way of getting yourself out of the way. If you do not budge, it is a way of wearing yourself out. A process of destroying all that is limited and compulsive and arriving to a boundless state of consciousness.
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    Sadhana Date
    Sadhana Date
    Open to men, this 42-day vratam begins on a Purnima and culminates on a Shivratri at the Dhyanalinga, with an offering to the Dhyanalinga and a yatra to the peaks of the beautiful Velliangiri Mountains.
    Culmination Date
    Yatra Date
    Jan 20, Sun
    March 04, Mon
    March 04, Mon

    How to Get There
    How to Get There

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