Inner Engineering with Sadhguru in Atlanta

Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering Program is coming up in Atlanta. Here’s the story of a seeker, who finally found what he was looking for during one of Sadhguru’s programs.

Sadhguru’s Inner Engineering Program in Atlanta is coming up this April. Here’s the story of a “seeker on hold,” who finally found what he was looking for during a program with Sadhguru in Toronto.

Bronson Gregory, a senior at the University of Michigan in Neurosciences and Music, had been flirting with yoga and spirituality for a while. But as a busy student he had to drop all prospects of pursuing spirituality, leaving him unsettled and unbalanced. Happiness was nowhere near being a reality, for it kept slipping through his fingers as depression crept in.

Just as he began thinking that science and music were his only choices towards living a full life, he came into contact with Isha through a classmate. The way she described Sadhguru as well as her practices challenged the very way he perceived yoga and spirituality. A “seeker on hold,” he attended meetings at an Isha Club on campus and watched Sadhguru’s youtube videos. When his interest “turned from a spark to a steady flame,” he took the next step by attending the Inner Engineering program in Toronto, conducted by Sadhguru himself.

Bronson’s collegiate career was kicked into overdrive after the program, as he took on a research position, full-time classes, and studied the classical guitar as well. “I feel like I’ve been more of an engineer of my own life,” he says, thanks to the Shambhavi Mahamudra kriya taught during Inner Engineering.

Read Bronson’s complete sharing and experience his journey in his own words.

Sadhguru will be conducting the 3-Day Inner Engineering program in Atlanta, GA on April 19-21, at the GICC 2000 Convention Center Concourse, College Park, GA-30337.

Students, seniors, and military personnel are eligible for a discount. Find out more details and register for the program at the Inner Engineering with Sadhguru event page.

Volunteers are also organising Isha Utsavs in various cities. Isha Utsav is an opportunity to experience a drop of spirituality and a taste of what Isha has to offer. It is a celebration of life, a joyful occasion to come together for an evening of live music from Sounds of Isha, meditation, and mystical wisdom. The Utsav events are free and open for all.

Isha Utsavs will be conducted in Tampa, FL on March 30, and Concord, NC on March 31. Register for the events here.