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I have never missed a video on Sadhguru Exclusive. I feel I can know more about Sadhguru through this channel. It enables one to look deeper logically, but also illogically. There are depths within each video that become clearer each time you watch.
Peter Tan, Business Intelligence Engineer
Initially, I was thinking, "Why should I subscribe to Sadhguru Exclusive when there are thousands of videos of Sadhguru on YouTube?" But once I started watching the videos on Sadhguru Exclusive, I realized the content is very unique and available nowhere else.
Abhilash Jain, Media Manager
Sadhguru Exclusive content is more powerful and impactful than I could have imagined. There hasn't been a video yet where tears haven't dropped. I feel like whatever is transmitted through this platform is somehow alive and touches me very profoundly.
Omar, Student
Sadhguru Exclusive is the guiding hand of the Guru’s fire-filled truth and absolute clarity. Episodes on occult experiences & Devi quenched my thirst for knowing, while Disembodied Beings helped me to have no fear in moving beyond my present understanding.
Govind Menon, Media Professional
I like that this content takes me deeper into myself. It wakes me up; it calls me. There are all kinds of videos - some are technically informative, some are mind-blowing, some are heart-melting - but they are all fire igniting.
Egle, Massage Therapist
Watching Sadhguru Exclusive videos always resets me. I find that there is a profound sense of presence within each video and the connection to it is palpable. I come away feeling like I have had a Satsang with Sadhguru.
Chitra Merchant, Artist
This platform has been a fantastic reminder for me to deepen my intensity as a seeker. Many boundaries and conclusions in my mind were demolished. Sadhguru traverses from his most intimate moments to some explosive mystical aspects and it always leaves me amazed!
Pavan Kumar, Digital Marketer
Hyderabad, India

Frequently Asked Questions

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1. What is Free Limited Access Offer?

Sadhguru Exclusive offers the new Users to have a sneak peak at the content of the Sadhguru Exclusive by making 7 selected videos open to all. That is just Sign up and check out 7 selected videos for free.

  2. How can I access Sadhguru Exclusive for free?

You can access select videos of Sadhguru Exclusive for free once you sign up for the free trial on Sadhguru App.

3. Do I need to submit my credit/debit card details for the free trial?

Signing up for the free trial does not require any payment details.

4. Will I have access to all the videos of Sadhguru Exclusive?

No. During the trial period, you will be able to access only select videos.

5. How long can I access these free videos?

You can access the free videos for 7 days from the day you sign up.

6. Why can't I access free videos from the web browser?

Currently, the free videos are available only on the Sadhguru App.

1. What is the difference between watching Sadhguru on YouTube and on Sadhguru Exclusive?

Sadhguru Exclusive is a unique space for unbridled expression on life, mysticism and spirituality. It offers you access to rare and unseen footage from his private meets and intimate gatherings.

Sadhguru's YouTube videos offer eye-opening insights on various aspects of life.

2.What languages is Sadhguru Exclusive available in?

It is currently available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Spanish.

3. Will Inner Engineering Online videos be in Sadhguru exclusive?

No, Inner Engineering Online is not part of Sadhguru Exclusive.

Inner Engineering Online is a powerfully transformative course that includes guided meditations, awareness exercises and enables you to craft your body, mind, emotions, energies and life situations the way you want it.

4. What devices can I watch Sadhguru Exclusive on?

You can access Sadhguru Exclusive on the Sadhguru Mobile App or through a web browser.

5. Can I download videos to watch offline?

No, downloading videos for offline viewing is not possible.

6. Can I add family members and friends to my account?

No, adding members to your account is not possible.

7.How many devices can I stream videos on simultaneously?

At any given time, you can stream videos only on one device.

8. Is Sadhguru Exclusive available on Android TV or Roku?

Sadhguru App is not available on Android TV or Roku but you can use the “Cast screen” feature available in the Sadhguru Mobile App to view the videos on any smart TV or TV with a streaming device.

9. How frequently are new videos released?

New videos will be released every week. When new episodes become available, you will receive a notification on the Sadhguru Mobile App.

10. Are there any prerequisites to subscribe for Sadhguru Exclusive?

No, there are no prerequisites to subscribe for Sadhguru Exclusive as long as you comply with these Terms of Use.

11. Do I need to be an Isha practitioner to subscribe?

Sadhguru exclusive is open to everyone.

12. How can I access Sadhguru Exclusive from mainland China?

You will need to use certain network tools to access Sadhguru Exclusive.

Getting Started
1. I have already set up my Inner Engineering Online account for Single Sign-On. Can I use the same email address for Sadhguru Exclusive?

Yes, please use the same email address to subscribe to Sadhguru Exclusive.

2. If I use Net Banking, will I get access immediately?

If you have paid via Net Banking, it could take up to 5 days to receive the confirmation email. You can access the platform once you receive the confirmation email.

3. How do I access the videos once I have subscribed?

You can download the Sadhguru App on your mobile device or visit the websiteand log in to Sadhguru Exclusive with your registered account.

To download the app, visit: Android users, iOS users

4. Is there a particular order in which the videos should be viewed?

No, the videos can be viewed in any order.

5. I need further support.

Please visit our Support page.

1.What is Isha Single Sign-On?

Isha Single Sign-On is a single account (username and password) to access all Isha websites without having to enter your personal details repeatedly. With Isha Single Sign-On, you have the option of logging in using Facebook or Google authentication in addition to your regular email.

2.Is it safe to use my Facebook or Google account?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use your social media accounts to login with Isha Single Sign-On. It adheres to industry standard security levels. Moreover, you can see what data is being shared with us. Rest assured your password is not shared with us.

1.Why can’t I access videos anymore?

Please login with your registered email address if you have a valid subscription. You can check the status of your subscription on your profile page.

2.I am experiencing buffering and other playback issues. How can I fix them?

We recommend following the steps in the order listed below. After each step, check if the issue is resolved. If unresolved, move on to the next one.

  • Ensure that the device you are using is connected to the internet.
  • Ensure that your internet connection meets our minimum recommended speed of 350 Kbps.
  • If you have good connectivity, and you are still unable to start the video, please clear the cache, log out and login again.
  • If you are using the Sadhguru App , please ensure you are using the latest version.
  • If the issue is still not resolved, visit our Support page.


If the issue is still not resolved, visit our Support page.

3.What are the recommended device specifications for streaming?

For Mobile Devices:

  • All iOS devices
  • Android tablets and phones (running Android Version 6.0 and above)

For Computers:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OS X 10.1.5 or later, and some Linux versions with standard browsers.

Supported Browsers: Google Chrome (recommended), Microsoft Edge, Firefox or Safari

4. How can I reset the password?

Click on “Forgot Password” in the login page.

Enter the email address associated with your Sadhguru Exclusive subscription and click on “Submit”.

You should then receive an email with a link to reset your password.

Click on the link and change your password.

Once this is done, you can login using your email address and password.

5. I am Unable to login via app

Please do the following and see if this resolves the issue

For Android Users:

  • Open default browser
  • Open
  • Top right corner will show the account used to login. Click on it and Logout.
  • Clear Data and Cache: Long press on app icon. Click app info -> Storage -> Clear Data. (This may be different for different devices)
  • Clear history of default browser: Open the default browser--> click on 3 vertical dots at the right top of the screen->History->Clear browsing data->Clear data->Clear.
  • Open Sadhguru app.
  • Now click "Login" on Sadhguru Exclusive banner.
  • it should give an option to actually choose the account. Choose the one you registered with.


For iOS Users:

  • Open default browser
  • Open
  • Top right corner will show the account used to login. Click on it and Logout.
  • Go to Settings -> General -> iPhone Storage.
  • Scroll down to the list of apps and tap on Sadhguru app
  • Tap Delete App. Tap Delete App again to confirm.
  • Re-install the app
  • Open Sadhguru app.
  • Now click "Login" on Sadhguru Exclusive banner.
  • it should give an option to actually choose the account. Choose the one you registered with.
Account & Billing
1. What are the accepted methods of payment?

Payment options vary by country and region. Please see below the details for your location.

India: Credit/Debit card, Net Banking, UPI, Wallet

China, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand & Philippines: Credit card

Canada, UK, Europe & the rest of the world: Credit/Debit card

All Regions: Apple In-App Purchases as an option for iOS users

2. What are the payment options available in India?

Monthly Recurring Plan:

Net Banking and UPI are the available options right now

Currently, we are not accepting any Credit/Debit cards payments until further notice


Annual Plan:

Visa, Mastercard, Rupay Debit and Credit cards, UPI, QR Scanning, Net Banking, Wallet

Apple In-App Purchases for iOS users.

3.How can I find out my next billing date?

Your next billing date is listed on your profile page.

4. If I use Net Banking, will I get access immediately?

If you choose Net Banking as your method of payment, your access will start as soon as the bank authorizes the payment. Authorization may take anywhere between 3-7 days.

1. How can I cancel my subscription?


Go to the "My Account" page and choose the “Cancel Subscription” option. You can go to the page by clicking the link below:

Sadhguru App:

Go to your Profile page and choose the “Cancel Subscription” option. You can access your profile by clicking on ‘More’ in the bottom navigation bar of the app home screen.

Once canceled, you will be able to access the videos until the next billing date.

2.How can I cancel my subscription if I subscribed using Apple In-App Purchase?

Use the "Manage Subscriptions" option in your Apple ID settings on your iPhone, to cancel your subscription.

3. Will I continue to have access to previously watched videos even after my subscription ends?

No. Once your subscription ends, you will not have access to the videos. However, your access will be restored should you choose to re-subscribe.

4. Can I get a refund upon cancellation?

No, subscription charges are non-refundable.

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