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  • Sadhguru Exclusive

Experience Devi's Grace on Guru Purnima

with sacred online offerings and FREE Purnima Abhishekam Livestream from 5:40 - 6:50 PM IST

13 July, 2022

“In establishing a Bond of Grace with Devi, one shall know Grace as one’s Guide.” - Sadhguru

This Guru Purnima (13 Jul), earn Devi's grace for you and your family’s physical and spiritual wellbeing through online offerings

  • Devi Abhishekam -  a sacred expression of gratitude through 11 offerings, is particularly beneficial for the overall wellbeing of you and your family.

  • Mangala Arpanam - You can appeal to her benevolent nature, for auspiciousness in your life by making a turmeric root offering. Linga Bhairavi Devi is an embodiment of auspiciousness, represented as Maha Kalyani and Sarva Mangali. 

  • Netram Arpanam - The Third Eye is a symbol of going beyond the limitations of the physical and the duality of existence. Devotees can appeal for Devi’s grace in fulfilling one’s desires and wishes by offering a copper representation of the Devi’s third eye.

(For people in India only)

You can also join the FREE Purnima Abhishekam livestream from 5:40 - 6:50 PM IST

  • Enjoy a soulful outpouring of music and dance

  • Participate in Purnima Abhishekam to Linga Bhairavi and experience Devi's powerful presence.

(Registration is mandatory)


Witnessing Devi on Purnima fills the air around with intense emotions of devotion, happiness, joy, bliss, love, and drumbeats. It's given me an opportunity to break my limitations.

- Akshata, Bengaluru

Express your Devotion to Devi

Offerings can be done online for the general wellbeing of the individual or family.

Devi Abhishekam

An appeal to Devi’s Grace with a set of 11 offerings for the family’s wellbeing

Netram Arpanam

A plea for Devi’s Grace with a copper representation of Devi’s third eye to fulfill one's desire

Mangala Arpanam

Includes samarpanam, a set of 9 offerings with an arati for wellbeing

(For those in India only. We are currently not able to extend this to overseas regions.)

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