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Linga Bhairavi Coimbatore

Linga Bhairavi Coimbatore

Shri Yogini Trust, Lingabhairavi, Velliangiri foothills, Semmedu post, Coimbatore - 641114

Contact -; 83000 83111

Timings (All 7 days)

Morning: 6:30 AM – 1:20 PM

Evening: 4:20 PM – 8:20 PM

Abhishekam Timings (All 7 days)

7:40 AM, 12:40 PM & 7:40 PM

Residing in a triangular-shaped abode at the Velliangiri Foothills, the eight-feet tall Devi is a powerful feminine energy form consecrated by Sadhguru on Thaipusam, or the full moon in the lunar month of Thai, in January 2010. The linga comprises of three-and-half chakras – muladhara, swadhisthana, manipuraka and half of anahata – which brings stability to one’s body, mind and energy system.

Upcoming Events 

Diwali and Karthigai Deepam
Diwali and Karthigai Deepam

Diwali and Karthigai Deepam is a time of communion, togetherness, joy and celebration. In the northern hemisphere, Diwali, or Deepavali, is traditionally celebrated on Trayodashi (13th day) of the Karthigai month in the lunar calendar.

Guru Purnima
Guru Purnima

Experience Devi’s Grace as your guide this Guru Purnima. The upsurge of energies during full moon enables devotees to benefit from Her overflowing Grace.

Chitra Purnima
Chitra Purnima

Traditionally, Purnima (full moon) is a time for devotion and becoming receptive to the grace of the Divine. The full moon offers a unique possibility by enhancing the qualities of an individual and helps improve overall health and development. Every Purnima is celebrated at Linga Bhairavi with an elaborate Abhishekam (sacred offering), accompanied by vibrant music and dance. This creates an explosive atmosphere for devotees to bask in Devi’s Grace.

Linga Bhairavi Offerings

Making an offering to Linga Bhairavi is an opportunity for joyous surrender.

How to Get There

Linga Bhairavi is situated 30 kilometers (20 miles) west of Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. Coimbatore, a major industrial city in southern India, is well connected by air, rail and road.

Buses & Taxis

There are direct buses between Coimbatore and the Isha Yoga Center (View Bus Timetable).

Taxis can be booked from the airport as well as the railway station. Alternatively, you can contact the Isha Travel Helpdesk at 83000 83111 to book a taxi to the center. The desk is open 24 hours a day.

Driving Directions

Take the Perur/Siruvani Road through Ukkadam from Coimbatore. Drive past Alandurai and turn right at Irutupallam junction. Linga Bhairavi is another 8 km from the Irutupallam junction and about 2 km before Poondi along this road. Signboards giving directions to the Linga Bhairavi can be found en route.

Rituals at Linga Bhairavi

Unique rituals designed to support individuals in every step one takes in one’s life, from birth to death, to everything in-between.

Devi Seva


A rare opportunity for volunteers to soak in Devi’s presence, and offer seva, or service, at Linga Bhairavi. Devi Seva is a powerful bhakti sadhana to experience the unbounded grace and exuberance of Devi.

Devi’s Grace is available around the world..

Linga Bhairavi


Linga Bhairavi

Linga Bhairavi

Linga Bhairavi

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