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Navratri Abhishekam - Kutumbam

Festive Rituals

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During the Navratri Abhishekam, devotees and their families can witness Linga Bhairavi take on Her different colors and forms from the inner sanctum, a powerful opportunity to imbibe her grace and experience her energies.


  • The powerful energy created during the abhishekam is particularly beneficial for the overall wellbeing of the family, good health, success, and prosperity.

  • The nine nights of Navratri are an exploration of the three main forms of the Goddess.

  • Linga Bhairavi unites all three dimensions of the Divine Feminine, which also represent the three basic qualities of existence – rajas, tamas, and satva.

  • They are symbolically represented as Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Three days are dedicated to each quality, with the first two qualities emphasizing survival and sustenance, and the third leading one towards the aspiration to go beyond.

Ritual Details

  • Families can participate in person and from afar.

  • Devotees who are unable to attend personally can give the names and nakshatras (birth stars) of up to four family members, which will be written on a palm leaf and placed at Devi’s feet for blessings. The offering will be made on their behalf and the prasadam can be sent upon request (within India).

  • The minimum age to participate is 7 years.

  • The first, fourth and seventh nights of Navratri, a grand procession of the Linga Bhairavi Utsavamurti (a consecrated form of Devi) takes place. It begins with an offering to the Trimurti. The procession then progresses in great splendor to Dhyanalinga, before halting in front of it near the eternally waiting Nandi. Here, the energizing music and fire dance offering of the Maha Arati create an electrifying atmosphere to soak in the energies of Devi.

  • On this powerful night, Linga Bhairavi remains open until 10:00 PM.

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"Once you empty yourself, Devi has no choice but to be with you. And if Devi is with you, I also have no choice." - Sadhguru

Purnima Abhishekam - Kutumbam
Purnima Abhishekam - Kutumbam

A special opportunity for families to be in Devi’s sanctum throughout the elaborate Abhishekam and the vibrant music and dance offered to Devi every Purnima (full moon).

Mangalya Arpanam
Mangalya Arpanam

Women with marital issues can offer their mangalsutra on Purnima (full moon days) as a plea for Devi’s grace and compassion.

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