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Bhairavi Punya Puja

Rituals for Spaces

A potent process which energizes and transforms any space into a vibrant environment for a period of time through the installation of various consecrated forms of Linga Bhairavi, powerful chants, offerings made to Devi and an elaborate Bhuta Shuddhi process (cleansing of the five elements) throughout the space.

Contact us to shcedule a Linga Bhairavi Punya Puja at your place

Kindly write to us at info@lingabhairavi.org mentioning when and where you would like to organize the process and we will get in touch with you.


  • Available for homes (old and new), office spaces, hospitals, or any residential and commercial building.

  • For those who have a Linga Bhairavi Yantra, either Punya Pooja or Saubhagya Pooja can be done to enhance the experience of Devi’s presence and one’s connection to Devi.

“As even a most potent seed needs fertile soil to find full expression of life, a consecrated space is the need of every human, to blossom and transcend the limitations imposed by karmic and social situations.”


Sadhguru has always emphasized the significance of consecrated spaces, and the transformation they bring about in people’s lives. Towards this, Sadhguru has designed the Bhairavi Punya Pooja to create a supportive energy and atmosphere in homes and workspaces, to make them alive and vibrant. Being in the powerful sphere of Devi assists all those in the space to naturally move towards wellbeing.

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"Once you empty yourself, Devi has no choice but to be with you. And if Devi is with you, I also have no choice." - Sadhguru


Netram Arpanam

Gobichettipalayam, Salem, Coimbatore 

Netram Arpanam

Devotees with a deep desire can appeal for Devi’s Grace with this representation of Devi’s Third Eye, available in copper and silver.

Offer Online
emotional unity
marital harmony
menstrual health

Vastram Arpanam

Gobichettipalayam, Salem, Coimbatore 

Vastram Arpanam

Vastram (saree) offerings can be made to appeal to Devi's Grace for the wellbeing of individuals as well as family members.

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