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Life with Devi

Yantra Owners Share their Experiences

Life with Devi
6 Jun 2018 | 4 minutes

A yantra owner couple, Ashutosh and Sangeeta Khurana, share their experiences of having Devi Yantras both at home and at their office.

Ashutosh Khurana: We started our own enterprise over a decade back – an educational space where we work with schools and children to develop their cognitive thinking skills. The first years – before Devi’s Grace – were quite challenging for us. We put every penny that we had in creating this venture. I got anxious whether it would succeed or not. But after Devi’s Grace, I’ve come out of this anxiety about how things will shape up in the future. Somewhere, there is this peace of mind that everything will fall into place.

First, we got the Linga Bhairavi Yantra for our house. When Devi came to our house, her impact also began to reflect at the office, through the changes that were happening in my own inner state. Later, we also got the Avighna Yantra for our office. Devi has become part of my life. 

Sangeeta Khurana: I feel that Devi has changed me. Being a mother, a wife, a daughter-in-law, a daughter, a sister, somewhere, you tend to lose yourself. The upbringing I received from my parents – being a woman, you’re supposed to work for everyone. And in that whole process, you don’t realize that it is most crucial to attend to yourself as well. Until and unless you are happy within yourself, you won’t really be able to attend to anyone else. The dissatisfaction within you flows into everything you do. The most significant realization after Devi came was this: What am I doing with my life; how am I leading it; how am I addressing things – am I moving towards my inner transformation? I was working on it earlier also, but with Devi’s Grace, it became so easy. It just happened.

To me, Devi is a part of me, a part of nature, a part of the universe, a part of Sadhguru. In fact, I fight with her, I love her, I adore her, I go and cry to her; I even throw tantrums at her. I’ve never behaved this way with anyone – no one but Devi. I don’t feel a distinction at times, as if she’s flowing through me. From day one when I was initiated into the process, every time I put my palms on the yantra, I feel a spurt of instant energy flowing through the palms into the entire body. Thoughts are flowing in front of me like a movie, but there is a distance to them. The energy takes you to a different state of mind – something totally beyond words.

She has a way of flowing through each and every being around. Just being in this space has been amazing for everyone who has visited us. Even people who are otherwise not connected with Isha or Devi are simply drawn to her. People have told me things like, “You’ve created a temple right here. It’s so beautiful.” You don’t need to introduce her in any way. Just by being here, she can make a connection with anyone.

Ashutosh Khurana: It’s not that ups and downs will not happen after Devi comes in. They will still be there. What Devi brings is a certain state of mind – an awareness and an ability to detach yourself from those ups and downs, to handle those situations better. I would say in our case, the roller coaster ride of ups and downs has increased exponentially. I think it’s Devi’s way of expediting the process, to clean a lot of garbage that we had created – physical garbage, mental garbage, and emotional garbage.

Sangeeta Khurana: Everything has gone on a fast-forward mode – hardships as well as joys. The ability to handle all that is such a beautiful thing. 

Ashutosh Khurana: Devi has brought in a new sense of clarity as to what to do and what to pursue. Earlier, we missed a lot of opportunities. Now, we’re able to seize the opportunities that are coming to us every day. I think somewhere Devi develops that in us – an ability to participate in any and every activity of life with full joy, with full energy, and still not get attached to it.



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