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Isha Home School offers a wide range of thoughtfully designed facilities tailored to meet the educational, athletic, extra-curricular, and social requirements of its students.

Student Housing

Students of a similar age range live together under the care of “House Parents,” emulating a home-like environment with parents and siblings. Each house has approximately twenty students. Each student is provided with a bed and adequate storage facilities. The accommodations are comfortable and intentionally kept simple. House Matrons assist House Parents in tending to the children’s needs in the Junior School. 

Senior School Complex

The Senior School's expansive learning center, spanning more than 50,000 square feet, is known as the Gnana Shala, which translates to "the abode of knowledge." Within this facility, you will find smart classrooms, each equipped with multimedia learning tools. Additionally, the Gnana Shala boasts modern, well-equipped science laboratories for biology, chemistry, and physics. It also features a dedicated audio-visual room and a computer lab.


The library lies at the heart of the Senior School’s learning center and consists of a three-story facility with a spacious, well-ventilated reading environment. The library maintains over 40,000 books and multimedia resources, which are available to both students and staff. Students are actively encouraged to use the library for independent study and research.

Multipurpose Hall

Tarana, the school's spacious 7,500+ square-foot auditorium and multipurpose hall, serves as a versatile venue for a wide range of school activities. These activities include, but are not limited to, dramatic and musical performances, assemblies, guest lectures, movie screenings, workshops, and special dinners.

Invention Lab

The invention lab is a do-it-yourself (DIY) facility where students can learn to use and explore the workings of basic tools and machines, and engage in individual projects.


Three full meals are provided daily, including breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with juice and snacks during breaks. The menu comprises fresh, healthy, and wholesome vegetarian food and is carefully planned to meet the nutritional needs of growing children, cater to their tastes, and incorporate seasonal fruits and vegetables.

Sports Facilities

Sports facilities include a 400-meter athletics track with a football ground and cricket pitch, an indoor stadium known as Vajra, and separate outdoor courts for tennis, volleyball, throw ball, and kho kho. Kalaripayattu, an ancient Indian martial art, is taught in a purpose-built facility spread over a 10,000-square-foot area called the Veerabhadra Akhada. Adjacent to this facility is a rooftop outdoor swimming pool spanning 35 meters.

Café Maatu Mane

Café Maatu Mane is a trendy meeting space with vintage-chic style décor for Post-10 students. The café serves as a hub for various literary and cultural activities, including book clubs, poetry slams, amateur musical nights, debates, and discussions. The café retains its name as an ode to its previous occupants; it once served as the school's cowshed. Its original occupants have since been relocated to a dedicated facility called Maatu Mane, situated a short distance from the main campus building.

Health & Wellness

The school has a compact medical facility with consulting doctors and nurses who are available to attend to the children’s medical needs. Allopathic medicines are administered for treatment, and safe and natural supplements may be provided for health promotion and disease prevention. If children require more specialized treatment, the healthcare unit will refer them to specialty facilities in Coimbatore city.

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