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Anubhava - At Isha Centers

Martial Arts

23 – 26 July 2024

In-person at the Isha Yoga Center

Learn a transformative blend of Indian Classical arts in the consecrated space of the Isha Yoga Center.

4-day Residential Program

Experience Project Samskriti 

  • Indian Classical arts are possibilities for transformation and inner growth as well as to experience higher dimensions.

  • Learning a combination of two disciplines (physical and vocal) allows one to train both the body and the mind.

  • Practicing these ancient arts in-person at the Isha Yoga Center, a space powerfully consecrated by Sadhguru, intensifies their benefits.

Sadhguru's Image
“In their very structure and ethos, Indian classical music and dance are designed to create a spiritual possibility.” —Sadhguru

What You Will Learn

(You can choose one physical and one vocal discipline from the below offerings.)

Kalaripayattu Basics (Martial Art)

Known as "the mother of all martial arts," Kalaripayattu is said to have originated from the Dhanurveda, a scientific treatise on the art of warfare in ancient Bharat (India).

Learn 3 sets of practices which enhance flexibility, balance, and strength in the body.

Devi Stuti (Dance)

Bharatanatyam is one of the oldest classical dance forms that originated in southern India. Initially practiced as an offering in temples, Bharatanatyam today has adapted and evolved to be one of the most prevalent performing arts.

The composition “Stuti” is a compilation of verses from the Devi Mahathmayam, an ancient Indian classical text describing the goddess or the feminine divine form.

As an assistance in learning this piece, we will be introducing a few preparatory dance postures and movements.

Nirbhay Nirgun (Music)

Nirbhay Nirgun is a bhajan (devotional song) composed by Kabir, a famous 15th century saint, poet, and mystic. For many, his poems and songs were a path to spiritual awakening.

Besides the bhajan, in this program you will learn basic vocal exercises, receive an introduction to the concept of shruti (pitch), and listen to Sadhguru’s talks on Kabir and the poet’s spiritual journey.

Guru Ashtakam (Chant)

Guru Ashtakam is a vibrant chant composed by the legendary sage Adi Shankaracharya that instills devotion toward the Guru and impels one towards seeking.

Besides the chant, you will also learn basic vocal exercises and listen to Sadhguru’s talks on the science of chanting and mantras.

Program Choices

  • Kalaripayattu Basics & Nirbhay Nirgun

  • Kalaripayattu Basics & Guru Ashtakam

  • Devi Stuti & Nirbhay Nirgun

  • Devi Stuti & Guru Ashtakam

Program Highlights

    • Developing physical strength and mental focus through classical arts

    • Spending time at the powerfully consecrated Isha Yoga Center Improves stability

    • Learning the basics of traditional health systems – Ayurveda and Siddha

Upcoming Program Details

INR 11,000
Program Hall
Program dates
23 – 26 July 2024
Before 12:30 PM, 23 July 2024
Before 8:30 PM, 26 July 2024
Isha Yoga Center, Coimbatore
Age 14+

Sadhguru's Image
“When emotion becomes exuberant, people want to sing. When the physical self becomes very exuberant, it naturally dances.” —Sadhguru

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