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Niraive Shakti


Learn a powerful song on Shakti, written by the great Tamil poet, Subramanya Bharathiyar, set to tune by Sounds of Isha.

Registrations Opening Soon

An Ode to the Feminine

Born in Tamil Nadu, Subramanya Bharathiyar was a Tamil scholar, writer, poet, journalist, freedom fighter, and a strong advocate for women’s empowerment. Though he had an incredible proficiency over the Tamil language, his use of both scholarly as well as simple dialect enabled him to influence social progress through his words.

Bharathiyar was a devotee of the goddess also known as Shakti. For him, Shakti embodied something much more than just an idol. In his poem, Thunbam Illaadha Nilaiye Shakthi, we get a glimpse at how Bharathiyar viewed both Shakti as well as the power of the feminine.

Program Highlights

    • Learn the song with the correct pronunciation.

    • Basic vocal exercises.

    • Introduction to the concept of shruti

    • Sadhguru’s insight on the significance of Shakti and the power of the feminine

Upcoming Program Details

AUD 75
Session Details
5 live webinars, 1 hour a day
Age 7+

Please check back later for upcoming programs

Sadhguru's Image
“Indian classical music is a beautiful way of using sound as a passage through existence.”—Sadhguru

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