Of the many things that have been unfolding this week, the three-day Isha Yoga program at Madurai is unprecedented. A highly exuberant and committed group of 10,038 – yes, that’s the number; that not only speaks for the popularity of the programme but also says volumes about the courage, commitment and meticulous organizational skills of our teachers and volunteers. It has to be seen to be believed as to how it happened and the impact it has on the city and its surroundings.

Initiating such a large number has been a challenge but it was all carried off in such an incredible way. Imagine over 10,000 people roaring  away in heightened states of energy. The level of discipline that they displayed is unheard of. The police and other officials who were posted there were amazed and there was many a wet cheek among the uniformed!

A huge wave of spiritual possibility is happening in a completely different way, in a way that you had not imagined. And it is working beautifully; it is just that the format and delivery are very different.

So that is where we are sitting – on the threshold of a great possibility. I don’t want a possibility to remain a possibility. I want it to become a reality. If everybody is committed, it is not far away at all.

Love & Grace,