t has been a phenomenal Samyama week, it is great and fulfilling to see a huge number of people willing to do some serious effort to break through their limitations. Samyama can be tough on one’s body if the needed sadhana has not been done. Adi Yogi Alayam was full with absolutely focused and exuberant sadhakas, many of them reaching truly exalted states. It has been the tradition of Samyama programs that many participants repeat many times over, but this time around no repeat participants were allowed. Just the fresh group. There was also some exemplary volunteer effort that leaves none untouched, a moving closing ceremony and straight into the exuberance of Yaksha. We have some scintillating music and dance performances coming up this week and of course, along with Yaksha, we have an Inner Way program packed in.

Refinement of emotion is as important as refinement of thought.

This evening was an exquisite performance of the gentle Odissi by one of its best artists Smt Madhavi Mudgal. She came out absolutely graceful and a moving presentation of various themes from traditional classics. The sophistication of thought and emotion that goes into these performances is truly impressive. The beauty of this culture that we refer to as “Hindustan” is that thought and emotion go hand in hand; they are not shy of or divorced from each other. Generally, modern societies strive for only sophistication of thought which can leave one dry and juiceless. Refinement of emotion is as important as refinement of thought. The yogic system is calibrated to refine not only thought and emotion, but also body and energies to culminate in a human being who attains to divine proportions. It is to offer this possibility that Isha is constantly striving for. It is this possibility that I would like all of you to know as reality.

It is nearly midnight, still there is a bit of work to do but today Manchester United and Real Madrid teams are clashing in a few minutes from now. Let me indulge in a football game. This is going to be a clash of two different styles of football.

Goal for now,