Purnima is significant because one thing is there is a certain aesthetic quality about it. Anything that you look at, if it is beautiful, your receptivity to that object suddenly becomes a little more, isn’t it? Anything that you consider as ugly, the moment you look at it, your receptivity to that just comes down. So one thing is it has a certain aesthetic quality about it, which definitely improves your receptivity. Another thing is, the planet has moved into a certain position with the moon. The vibration and the feel of the moon is very different when it is full than when it is in other states. And the pull is also different; the pull of the moon is working upon the surface of the planet which is exposed to the moon. So when there is a natural pull like this, because your spine is vertical, there is a tendency for the energy to go into a natural upsurge of upward movement. Within you, the blood and the prana – the fundamental life energies, flow in a different way because the vibrations have changed. So just as the tides rise more on that night because the gravitational pull of the moon is working on the water more than on other nights, your blood is also being pulled and the circulation of blood increases in your brain.

When this upward movement happens, whatever is your quality, can get enhanced. You may have heard that people who are a little off their mental balance will become more imbalanced on those days because the upsurge in energy enhances whatever is your quality. If you are little imbalanced, it will make you more imbalanced. It is also doing the same to the other qualities in you, but most people may not be sensitive enough to notice it. If you are meditative, it makes you more meditative. If you are love, it makes you more love. If you are fear, it makes you more fear. Whatever is your quality, it enhances that.

So people on the spiritual path, if they are on the meditative path especially, it is more conducive to meditate on those nights because without an upsurge of energy, without a heightened sense of energy, there is no question of awareness. What you call as awareness will come naturally to you when you have a heightened sense of energy in your system. So we want to just make use of that night, of that natural phenomenon which is occurring. On this day it is like you have a free ride of energy and awareness.

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