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Achala Arpanam

Sadhguru has offered a simple sadhana called Achala Arpanam to enhance your receptivity.

Achala Arpanam: A Powerful Practice to Receive Devi’s Grace

“Achala” means unmoving, “Arpanam” means an offering. Achala Arpanam is an offering of stillness to Devi. This simple yet powerful practice provides one with the opportunity to invite and soak in Devi’s Grace.


  • Simply sitting in front of Devi’s picture with your eyes open, still and unmoving, is a way to invite the Divine Feminine into your life. 

  • Without trying to take away your thoughts, without thinking about this or that, without moving, simply sit.

  • You can do the practice on your own anytime of the day for a maximum of 21 minutes.

  • You can play the Linga Bhairavi Stuti or the Lum Vum chant for assistance. If you wish, you can chant along with the stuti, but please do not chant the Lum Vum mantra.

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"Once you empty yourself, Devi has no choice but to be with you. And if Devi is with you, I also have no choice."

- Sadhguru

Available Online

Bhairavi Sadhana Arpanam

Bhairavi Sadhana Arpanam

A simple yet powerful process through which one can become receptive to the grace of Linga Bhairavi and bring forth the dimension of devotion from within.

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