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Vastram Arpanam

Offerings to Devi


Vastram (saree) offerings can be made to appeal to Devi's Grace for the wellbeing of individuals as well as family members.


  • This is particularly beneficial for the emotional unity of families, marital harmony, and menstrual health.

Ritual Details

  • Devi is offered red, green and yellow vastrams, reflecting her vibrant nature.

  • Devotees can purchase sarees for offering at the Linga Bhairavi office, or they can bring new sarees from home.

  • ​​Later, the sarees are draped in the inner sanctum near Devi. The vastram will be offered to Devi on behalf of the devotee, and prasadam will be sent upon request. 

  • Those who are not able to come in person can book this offering online, and a saree will be offered on their behalf with their name kept at Devi’s feet.

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"Once you empty yourself, Devi has no choice but to be with you. And if Devi is with you, I also have no choice." - Sadhguru

Netram Arpanam
Netram Arpanam

Devotees with a deep desire can appeal for Devi’s Grace with this representation of Devi’s Third Eye, available in copper and silver.

Mala Arpanam
Mala Arpanam

An offering of a decorative flower or lemon garland to adorn Devi can be made to receive her overflowing Grace.

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