Tamil Nadu's temples, the soul of Tamil culture and the core of Tamil spiritual ethos, are being suffocated to death. A vicious policy of seizing control over temples to take over their land and revenue was begun by the East India Company, 200 years ago.

Unfortunately, the same policy of government control over temples continues today, 74 years after Independence.

Powerfully consecrated temples are losing their vibrance and crumbling, causing enormous pain to crores of devotees and communities.
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Dire State of Tamil Temples
Sacred ancient idols
stolen in 25 years
temples dying
with no Pooja conducted at all
temples have just one person
to handle all activities-pooja, maintenance, security etc.
temples struggling
to survive with less than Rs. 10,000 income a year
East India Company’s
policy of grabbing temples
still continues 74 years after Independence
Why We Should Free Tamil Nadu's Temples
    Heartbreaking Stories of Temple Decay
    Incredibly, it is not just small, unknown temples that are in decay. Large, popular temples visited by lakhs of devotees every month are targets of theft and victims of neglect.
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    Sadhguru on #FreeTNTemples
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    Prominent Voices
    An Appeal to Tamil Nadu's Political Leaders
    An Appeal to
    Shri Edappadi K Palaniswami
    An Appeal to
    Shri M K Stalin
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    HR&CE Act: Colonial Origins & History
    East India Company introduces The Madras Regulation VII to bring temples under company control, targeting lands and wealth donated by devotees.
    The Madras Religious and Charitable Endowments Act is introduced to bring all religious institutions under government control. The act draws massive protests from Muslims and Christians.
    The act is redrafted as Madras Hindu Religious and Endowments Act, and made applicable only to Hindu places of worship.
    Govt. Control Continues in Independent India
    The state government takes control of temples and their funds by the Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act. Many provisions of the act are struck down by the High Court & Supreme Court as unacceptable.
    Scant attention is paid to the courts’ objections and the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Act is passed.
    Today, over 38,000 temples, mutts and similar organizations are under the control of the Tamil Nadu Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments Department.
    Our Glorious Tamil Temples & Culture
    Temples are not just for worship. They connect us across thousands of years to ancient Tamil culture & tradition.
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    What Devotees Say
    What Media Says
    Free Temples From State Control, Include Plan in Election Manifesto
    Isha Foundation founder and spiritual guru Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on Saturday said he has written a letter to Tamil Naidu Chief Minister and the Leader of the Opposition urging them to free temples
    Mention in poll manifesto freeing of temples from govt grip
    Though the Constitution allows all communities to manage their spaces of worship, the HR&CE law gives the state control over Hindu temples which has long been a cause of disgruntlement in the majority community, he said.
    Sadhguru asks for temples to be released from state control in Tamil Nadu
    In a bid to release temples from state control in Tamil Nadu, Sadhguru requested Chief Minister Edappadi K Palaniswami and DMK supremo MK Stalin on Twitter
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