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Lunar Hindu New Year

Bask in the Grace of Devi

Start your New Year by seeking Devi’s Grace for your overall wellbeing through special offerings on 22 Mar, 14 & 15 Apr 2023

“New Year in the lunar calendar marks the renewed cycle of life. To propel life with new energy and vitality comes easy in an offering mode. The period post spring equinox is ideal to align with Devi and her grace.” – Sadhguru

The Lunar Hindu New Year is very significant, not just culturally, but scientifically too, because it takes into account the relationship between our planet, the sun and the moon, and its impact on the human system. As such, the New Year's dates were set to mark the beginning of the new agricultural season and the welcoming of spring, and not on 1 January.

In India, each region has a unique way of celebrating the Lunar Hindu New Year. As part of the celebrations at Linga Bhairavi, devotees from diverse parts of the country can make various ritual offerings to appeal to Devi’s grace. This is open on all three days (22 Mar, 14 & 15 Apr) of the festivities.

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Start your New Year by seeking Devi’s Grace

DateNew Year Festival - StateOfferings
22 MarchUgadi - Karnataka, Telangana & Andhra Pradesh
Gudi Padwa - Maharashtra, Goa and Daman (union territory)
Navreh - Kashmir
Cheti Chand - Sindhi New Year
Chaitra Shukladi - Major states of North India
Sajibu Cheiraoba - Manipur
Devi Abishekam - Rs. 330
14 AprPuthandu - Tamil Nadu
Baisakhi - Punjab
Bohag Bihu - Assam
Bwisagu - Bodoland
Pana Sankranti - Odisha
Bisu Parba - Tulunadu of Karnataka & Kerala
Jur Sital - Bihar & Jharkhand
Buisu - Tripura
Bizhu - Mizoram, Part of Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura & Assam
Sangken - Arunachal Pradesh & parts of Assam
Nepal Sambat - Nepal
Devi Abishekam - Rs. 330
Suphala Arpanam - Rs. 770
Deepam Arpanam - Rs. 770
15 AprVishu - Kerala
Pahela Baishakh - West Bengal
Devi Abishekam - Rs. 330

Devi Abhishekam

An appeal to Devi’s Grace with a set of 11 offerings

Deepam Arpanam

Offer ghee lamps to light up the new year with Devi's Grace

Suphala Arpanam

Fruits represent a full life, offer fruits to earn Devi's grace

Bask In Devi's Grace

To usher in Devi’s presence, you can also watch the special Devi Abhishekam (14 Apr, 6:30-8:00 PM IST) LIVE from Linga Bhairavi.

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