The program is offered in 2 formats:
• 3 Day, March 9 -11
• 1 Day, March 11
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Complete Check-In and Pancha Bhuta Kriya Preparatory Videos
About the program
“In the Grace of Yoga” ONLINE is a special Yoga program with Sadhguru happening for the first time ever. The program offers a unique opportunity to make use of the five elements, the building blocks of existence, for your wellbeing.

By purifying and mastering the five elements (earth, water, air, fire and space), or pancha bhutas, you can bring your body and mind to a vibrant state of health and rejuvenation, and experience a sense of connectedness with everything around you.

"I was a little skeptical of whether I would be able to experience Pancha Bhuta Kriya online. The moment the process started, I felt as if the ashram had come to my home. Throughout the entire process, I felt as if I was sitting in front of Dhyanalinga."
Radhika ,Homemaker, Bangalore
Registrations Closed
Check the Program Fee
Stabilizes the body and mind
Develops mental clarity and focus
Cleanses the whole system both physically and energetically
Boosts the immune system
Improves sleep quality
Helps to experience powerful meditative states
Creates the basis to gain mastery over the human system
"The Pancha Bhuta Kriya Online experience helped me to come out of a really difficult health situation and disturbed sleep cycle. I thank Sadhguru for such a wonderful tool."
Program Prerequisites
  • Open to anyone above 14 years
  • No physical fitness required
Why Should You Sign Up
A once-in-a-year opportunity to participate in Pancha Bhuta Kriya Online with Sadhguru
Two powerful online sessions with Sadhguru
The program culminates on Mahashivratri, an auspicious time to enhance and deepen one’s Yogic practices
Experience Pancha Bhuta Kriya, a powerful process to purify the five elements, which would otherwise require intense sadhana.
Attend online from the convenience of your home
Program Details
This program is offered online in two formats (3 Day and 1 Day).
3 Day
1 Day
Pancha Bhuta Kriya Online with Sadhguru
Preparatory Sadhana
Guided processes to cleanse the five elements
Exclusive Live Sessions with Sadhguru (Online)
Live translation available in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Kannada
Program Fee (INR)
Registrations for the Online program are now CLOSED.
Please Note - The Pancha Bhuta Kriya Kit is necessary to attend this program. Due to time constraints, we are unable to ship the Kit to you. But you can still participate in the process by using alternatives (like white cotton thread dipped in turmeric, a pinch of soil, photo of Dhyanalinga). Further details on how to proceed will be shared upon registration.
*The program fee does not cover the price of the Pancha Bhuta Kriya kit. You will receive the details on how to procure the kit in your confirmation email upon registration.
Registrations for the in-person program are now CLOSED.
Session Timings
3 Day Online Program
*All timings are in IST
  6:30 AM to 7:30 AM 8:30 AM to 10:30 AM 8:30 PM to 9:30 PM
March 9 Session 1 Session 2 (with Sadhguru) Session 3
March 10 Session 4 Session 5 (with Sadhguru) Session 6
March 11 Session 7 Session 8(Pancha Bhuta Kriya with Sadhguru) - 60 min --
1 Day Online Program
*All timings are in IST
  *Morning Session Pancha Bhuta Kriya with Sadhguru
March 11 6:30 am to 7:30 am IST 8:15 am - 9:30 am IST
Please go through the Technical Requirements for online program.


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Complete Check-In and Pancha Bhuta Kriya Preparatory Videos