Keep Up with Sadhguru

A Quick Recap of the Last Few Weeks

Sadhguru in Nepal for Kailash Darshan

21 Aug –
6 Sep

Volunteers and pilgrims joined Sadhguru to have darshan of Kailash from Nepal. The group trekked from Simikot to Lapcha. On the way, there were challenges and surprises brought on by the monsoon rains in Tsong Tsa, and an exuberant welcome in the form of traditional dance performed by the Limi community in Takche. For organizational reasons, they were not able to travel to Tibet/China this year. But after a long and difficult trek, the group, led by Sadhguru reached the place from where they could behold Mount Kailash and imbibe its energy.

On 3 September, the Nepalese volunteers offered Sadhguru a special birthday surprise.

Sadhguru on Suicide Prevention with Central Academy for Police Training


Sadhguru spoke with the Central Academy for Police on World Suicide Prevention Day. The engaging online discussion examined the different causes of suicide, the pressures placed on police and security workers, and the wellbeing of prisoners. Sadhguru displayed his usual penetrating clarity, saying, “Spiritual process is that ‘better place’ is within you, not somewhere else.”

Sadhguru on Combating Adversities with College of Defense Management


Sadhguru gave an online session for the College of Defense Management, Secunderabad, on the topic of “Inner Engineering for combating adversities.” Sadhguru began by expressing his respect for the brave soldiers and their families. The session offered practical questions on death, karma, humility, leadership, coming to terms with failure, what it means to be successful, and…golf! Sadhguru emphasized the necessary qualities for a leader: inspiration, integrity, and insight. Speaking on integrity, Sadhguru said, “Integrity means that your intentions have become larger than personal. Your intentions are not about your wellbeing – it’s always about larger wellbeing.”

Interview with Economist Thierry Malleret


Thierry Malleret, economist and co-founder of the Monthly Barometer, a predictive economic analysis for investors, interviewed Sadhguru in an online conversation for an upcoming book called The Great Narrative, featuring insights from 50 highly influential speakers. The conversation was wide-ranging. Thierry asked Sadhguru about the direction he felt the world was going in and how the tools of Yoga can be of use. In response, Sadhguru spoke about reengineering our ideas of success and wellbeing, and creating a joyful population.

He also highlighted the serious issues of ecology, the worsening conditions of our soil, and global warming, and offered solutions to these issues such as tree-based agriculture. Closing the interview, Sadhguru shared, “If all of us make an effort with the tools that we have, we can educate every human being on the planet. We can turn them around. This is the best time to do it.”

Eternal Echoes Book Launch Event


Eternal Echoes, Sadhguru’s new collection of over 30 years of poetry, was released this September on the anniversary of his enlightenment. The event was celebrated with a live event hosted by writer and poet, Arundhathi Subramaniam. The evening began with soothing music by Sounds of Isha. Kaoruko Yamazaki, who provided the illustrations for the book, presented her intricate and rich artwork, sharing her careful process and the symbolism behind each image. Sadhguru gave live readings of his poems, and Arundhathi’s playful and perceptive questions drew out the stories behind and the insights within the poems. Sounds of Isha closed the event with an invigorating celebratory performance, lifting the spirits and stirring the hearts of the audience.