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Bring Bhairavi Home

The intimate physical touch with Devi will change your energy system in such a way that Devi’s Grace will function within you, bringing about a profound transformation of Life.


Sadhguru has created a variety of powerful energy forms of Linga Bhairavi to consecrate homes, workplaces and larger communities. These forms enable you to bask in Devi’s Grace every moment of your life and benefit from being in constant touch with her energies.

How Devi Can Invigorate Your Life

Yantra Ceremony

With Sadhguru

Bring Bhairavi Home and invigorate your life

Linga Bhairavi Yantras
Linga Bhairavi Yantras

The Linga Bhairavi Yantra is designed and structured in such a way that it enhances certain dimensions of your life. It has a certain kind of impact on your system, on the space in which you live, and upon the direction and destiny of your life.

Linga Bhairavi Gudi
Linga Bhairavi Gudi

The Linga Bhairavi Gudi is a miniature form of Devi designed by Sadhguru, allowing devotees to behold and connect with Her, as well as to bring home Her transforming feminine presence.

Linga Bhairavi Devi Mukha
Linga Bhairavi Devi Mukha

Designed by Sadhguru, this handcrafted Linga Bhairavi Mukha is an energized offering for the devotees to behold and connect with the Devi.

Linga Bhairavi Sannidhanam
Linga Bhairavi Sannidhanam

Sadhguru has created powerfully consecrated living representations of Linga Bhairavi through which one can constantly connect to her Grace. Bhairavi Sannidhanam is one such offering.

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Stay Tuned to Devi

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