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Human is not a Resource

Human is NOT a Resource. A human being is a tremendous possibility. If we approach human beings as resources, then we will never unfold their innate genius.

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Dr. S. Somanath

Dr. S. Somanath

Chairman, Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)

I believe this program is really a transformational program. It renovates individuals to a next higher level to take up responsibilities in organizations, communities. This leads to better community leadership, industrial ecosystem, business and economy progress. I think it's very important for the country. I think this is a transformation that we need at this time. HINAR is really a transformational experience for all those who are coming to get a different perspective of management of systems.

Anuradha Razdan

Anuradha Razdan

Executive Director HR, Hindustan Unilever; CHRO, Unilever South Asia

I'm delighted that the Isha Foundation has created Human Is Not A Resource where we encourage leaders to think about this. This program feels different because usually in most programs that I've seen there's a homogeneity of crowd. This is a completely diverse set of leaders, diverse set of backgrounds and experiences and therefore there is such a diversity of thought, ideas, different realities coming together and a genuine opportunity to problem solve, learn from each other and add to each other.



Eminent Speakers

explore organizational culture, talent nurturing and leading people through frameworks and live case studies

15+ Industry Leaders

with extensive experience to mentor and help create a transformation plan unique to your business


through the eyes of a Mystic as Sadhguru offers his inspirational yet delightfully simple and pragmatic perspectives on leadership and its many challenges.

Sadhguru’s Perspective

with a highly accomplished peer group; get access to INSIGHT alumni and receive invaluable support throughout your scale-up journey.

Inner Transformation

your inner-self with simple but powerful tools designed by Sadhguru to help develop insight, while being rooted in inner stability and balance.

Participant Sharings

Past Leaders

Get mentored by highly-reputed business leaders from various industries and backgrounds, with over 500 years of combined experience, in this one-of-a-kind program.


Resource Leader

Amit Anchal

Amit Anchal

Board Member, Ola Electric

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Resource Leader

Anala Padmanabha

Anala Padmanabha

Consultant, Director, Mckinsey/UAE

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Program Host

Ashutosh Pandey

Ashutosh Pandey

Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer, Mahindra First Choice Wheels

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Resource Leader

Gagan Adlakha

Gagan Adlakha

Leadership Coach and Senior Partner, Vyaktitva

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Here is what you can look forward to during this immersive 3-day program:



Price per participant


Human is not a resource

Speaker sessions, workshops by program facilitators and speakers, Q&A, networking, and yoga & meditation 


3 night 3 days (+1 night 1 day additional stay upon request) 


Wholesome & delicious vegetarian meals 

Airport Transfers


Inner Engineering



Early Bird Offer:

15% discount per person, plus taxes

Duo Offer:

For CEOs & CHROs from the same organization, 12% discount per person, plus taxes.

Group Discount:

For 4 or more participants from the same organization, 15% discount per person, plus taxes.

Alumni /Alumni Referral Offer:

12% discount per person, plus taxes.

*Please note that these offers cannot be combined.



More than 200 CEOs, CxOs, and entrepreneurs experientially imbibed the DNA of Success from three iconic business leaders and Sadhguru. Participants also received mentoring from 25 Resource Leaders. Here are some glimpses from Isha INSIGHT 2022.


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