A 5-day residential program at Isha Yoga Center
February 18-22, 2020
( Registrations are closed )
A 5-day residential program at Isha Yoga Center
February 18-22, 2020
( Registrations are closed )
“To commence Yoga Sadhana during Mahashivratri in a consecrated space that exudes power and possibility of Self Transformation is a true Blessing.” - Sadhguru
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Traditionally, the time around Mahashivratri is considered as an auspicious time to enhance and deepen yogic practices. The Classical Yoga Workshop provides an opportunity to participate in a special yoga program and to stay in the consecrated environs of the Isha Yoga Center during Mahashivratri.

Prior participation in a basic Isha Yoga or Inner Engineering program is recommended but not mandatory.


What is this workshop about?

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This year, for the first time, the program includes the Isha Dinacharya Workshop, which offers a simple, impactful daily health regimen from Siddha, Ayurveda & Yoga. Designed by Sadhguru, this workshop covers wake-up to bedtime routines such as importance of keeping the colon and other orifices clean, cleansing the skin, about consuming water and food, sleeping habits, and gives an understanding of the science behind these practices.

Besides bringing the necessary changes to the body and mind, a daily routine helps one to tune into body’s biological clock, aids in better digestion, absorption and assimilation, and takes care of the health of the bodily organs. These regimens can be easily incorporated even by those with hectic lifestyles, and have a long-lasting impact on one’s wellness, health and vitality.


Hatha Yoga

The program includes a set of simple yet transformative Hatha Yoga practices, which will prepare your system to receive the most benefits on the significant night of Mahashivratri. In this program, we will be offering a specially curated selection of the following practices:

  • Angamardana – a series of processes to invigorate the body and reach peak physical fitness and mental health.
  • Yogasanas – a set of powerful postures to elevate one’s consciousness, stabilize one’s mind, emotions and energy system, and decelerate the aging process.

This set of practices is geared to align your system to the celestial geometry. Being in sync with the existence will naturally create a chemistry for health, joy, blissfulness, and above all, balance. Something which can be easily integrated into your daily routine, these practices will revitalize the body on all levels and enhance your energy system.


Bhuta Shuddhi – For Kantisarovar Category Only

Bhuta Shuddhi is an ancient yogic process of purifying the 5 elements within the human system (earth, water, fire, air and space). The practice helps keep one’s system in harmony & balance and prepares one to handle powerful states of energy. It also enables one to establish physical & mental wellbeing and shapes the body & mind towards ultimate wellbeing.


Shanmukhi Mudra

Shanmukhi Mudra is a simple but subtle practice that brightens and rejuvenates the face and eyes. It brings about a state of balance leading to increased awareness and meditativeness. Benefits include improved vision and relief from ailments related to nose, ears and eyes, vertigo and tinnitus.

Shanmukhi mudra

Some of the main benefits include:

  • Strengthening the spine, skeletal system, and muscular system
  • Relieving chronic health conditions
  • Increasing flexibility and body tone
  • Taking years off the body and decelerating the ageing process

Select participants (Manasarovar category) will also get a chance to participate in the Pancha Bhuta Aradhana, which happens at the Dhyanalinga with Sadhguru.


All participants can also take part in the Yaksha and Mahashivaratri celebrations. Food and stay will be provided as a part of this program during these 5 days (March 1-5, 2019).


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  • Age Criteria: 14 years and above.

Program Schedule

  • February 18 (Afternoon) - 21 (Morning): Yoga Sessions (Attending all sessions/days is not mandatory)
  • February 21 (Night): Mahashivratri

Please note that the check-in counters will be open between 6:00 AM and 10:00 PM

Contact Information

India Number: +91 844 844 7707
Email: cyw@ishafoundation.org
Global Contact: Click here


Isha Yoga Center, Velliangiri Foothills, Ishana Vihar Post, Coimbatore 641 114, India


Program seating and stay at Isha Yoga Centre 5 days / 4 nights

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Categories for the Program
Dorm Stay in a Consecrated Space (Simple bedding facilities will be provided)
Yoga Sessions Included
Regular seating
Lunch & Dinner Included


210 USD*
(per person)

Registration Closed

Non AC-Cottage: Four-Sharing (Mattress will be provided)


Yoga Sessions Included
Priority seating
Lunch & Dinner Included
Includes exclusive Bhuta Shuddhi program
600 USD
(per person)

Registration Closed

Manasarovar II
Deluxe Non-AC Cottage: Twin-Sharing Accommodation **


Yoga Sessions Included
Exclusive seating
Lunch & Dinner Included
Includes Pancha Bhuta Aradhana with Sadhguru in Dhyanalinga
2310 USD
(per person)

Registration Closed

Kailash II
AC Tent: Twin sharing accommodation (with attached bathroom)
Yoga Sessions Included
Premium seating
Lunch & Dinner Included
Includes Pancha Bhuta Aradhana with Sadhguru in Dhyanalinga
3850 USD
(per person)

Registration Closed

* Note: It is mandatory to be initiated into Shambhavi Mahamudra prior to Feb 18, 2020 if you wish to participate in the program under the Kedar Category.
The Classical Yoga Workshop accommodation is provided from Feb 18th 6:00 AM to Feb 22nd 10:00 PM

Frequently Asked Questions


For the last three categories, it is not necessary to have attended any prior program with Isha. If you wish to avail the Kedar category, then it is mandatory to be initiated into Shambhavi Mahamudra before Feb 18th, 2020.

Yes, subject to availability. Please email your request to cyw@ishafoundation.org

Yes. Prior to the program, please send your request, in writing, to the program team at cyw@ishafoundation.org before 7th Feb 2020.

Please plan your arrival at Isha Yoga Center between 6:00 am and 10:00 pm during the check-in desk opening hours


No refund will be given on cancellation.

Classical Yoga Workshop sessions will be conducted in English

The Isha Yoga Center doesn’t have facilities or resources to take care of children and/or minors during the program. The child has to be accompanied by a parent at all times while in the ashram.

Please mention this request at the time of registering. We will try to accommodate (if it is the same gender). We will not be able to accommodate requests afterwards as room allocation will be done in advance and cannot be changed.

No locker facility will be available for Kedar and Kantisarovar. Participants are requested to bring their own locks and ensure that their valuables are kept safely locked in their luggage. Lockers will be available at the reception for Manasarovar. Lockers will be available in the rooms for Kailash.

For Kailash, Manasarovar, Kantisarovar – yes.

For Kedar – simple bedding facilities will be available, and you may bring additional blankets/bedding as per your comfort.

If you wish, you may bring your own yoga mat, but it is not mandatory for the yoga sessions.

Only participants will be allowed to stay in the Isha Yoga Center premises during the program. We are not able to accommodate other family members / guests who are not registered as participants.

Regular buses and taxis are available between Coimbatore and Isha Yoga Center. Bus No. 14D is available from Gandhipuram Town Bus Stand in Coimbatore to Isha Yoga Center every half an hour starting from 5.30 am.


Isha Travel Help Line: 9442615436, 0422-2515430

  • Airport Prepaid: 99764 94000
  • Ola/Uber taxis through Mobile apps


It is not advised as only limited parking space is available.