Why Has Feminine Worship Almost Disappeared Today?
Sadhguru looks at how worship of the feminine has mostly disappeared in many parts of the world over the last two millennia, and how these years have been among the worst times for women to live in.

Sadhguru looks at how worship of the feminine has mostly disappeared in many parts of the world over the last two millennia, and how these years have been among the worst times for women to live in.

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Questioner: Namaskaram Sadhguru. Why is it at the age of twelve that we start living in cycles? And I have a second question also. During the history, people lived to… used to worship the deities like feminine energy and, but at some point it started to shift to worship the masculine, not the feminine. So, what happened? What was the shift and why?

Sadhguru: You are from Lebanon? You should know.

Questioner: I don’t. (Laughs)

Sadhguru: It all changed about two thousand years ago. Forcefully, not by chance. You’ve heard of over six million women burnt and stake in Europe over a period of some two hundred years or so. Little over two hundred years, over six million women were burnt as witches in Europe alone. Yeah, yeah, when they gained momentum, because these are all women who had some capability. Once they have some capability, people will gather around them. Once people gather around somebody and find solutions, you cannot organize your project. (Laughs) So, they gave them the most horrible punishment of being burnt alive so that this will go down, but still it lived for over two hundred years. They had to kill a few million to put it down. So, the feminine expressing anything, phew, it’s gone. Please remember this - Even next time it's only the son who will come, no daughter will come. Yes. (Laughs)

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This happened some time ago. The Pope arrived at the, you know, window in Vatican and told the big mass of people, “I have some good news and bad news for you. Let me give you the good news first. As promised, our Messiah Jesus has arrived. Our faith has been redeemed. He has arrived once again.” People went up in joy and they said, “What can be bad news?” He said, “The bad news is he called from Salt Lake City.” (Laughs) You don’t know this? Oh! You _____ (Unclear), at least the Americans know. You don’t know? Tch… The Mormons believe Jesus will come in Salt Lake City, okay. That’s not good (Laughs) for the other clan. So, even next time, if he is going to come, he is only going to come as a son, not a daughter. Such a thought has been obliterated. Okay? Probably India and a few other Asian countries are the only countries where still feminine is under worship. Otherwise, if you look at the ancient temples in Europe, Arabia, everywhere they were full of goddess temples.

What is the significance of this? Is it just about gender business? No. It is about viewing life in a more balanced way, which is most important. It’s not about man versus woman, it’s about seeing life more holistically, not in a skewed way. So, it’s a… it's a terrible history, last sixteen hundred years. As far as women are concerned, last sixteen hundred years have been one of the worst times in the history of humanity for women. Yes, believe me. I hope it gets better, the coming year. (Laughs) (Few Applause) And, women are not some strange creatures. They are our mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, this is what they are. They are not some strange creatures that, you know… (Laughs)

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3 years 6 months ago

Sadhguru women paid less than man, isn't it better than crucifying , say what

3 years 6 months ago

Though the
witch-hunt, which took place in Europe mainly between 1450 and 1750, certainly was cruel and horrible, the given number of
6,000,000 women being burnt is not correct. Today it is assumed that
there were about 40,000 to 60,000 victims (fatalities) in Europe during that period, 75 - 80 % of them women. (See http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hexenverfolgung)

(About 6,000,000 is the number of Jews who were murdered during the time of "3rd Reich", 1933 - 1945.)

2 years 9 months ago

You are already enjoying "hell lot" of freedom, equality and exploiting men with "double standards" in each and every aspect (Society, Law etc.). Shouldn't have any complaints !.