Sadhguru looks at how, though many people say God is loving, the only thing we can definitely say about the source of creation is that it is phenomenal intelligence. If we are in tune with that intelligence, life becomes beautiful.

Full Transcript:

Devi Shetty: Yeah. It’s a… the… about twenty years ago Sadhguru, I received a cheque for one lakh rupees from a retired major from Indian army. He just gave his name, he refused to… he didn’t give his address and he wrote a small note stating that “The money I’m giving you is too small for the path you have chosen. But God has his own mysterious ways of giving you the rest.” It had a tremendous impact in what I thought, what I wanted to do. And that is something which gave me immense confidence in doing whatever I did. Is it because there is something called cosmic forces which are constantly trying to help society and doing or it’s something else which is influencing people to do something which is beyond their means?

Sadhguru: See, the ideas of something wants to help, something reaches out to you… I was… I happened to be in… in about four weeks ago I was in Los Angeles and I was staying with some people there. And the bedroom was full of books, so I just picked up one of these books and saw. The author is saying the core of the universe is love.

Why would the core of the universe be love? Because… because this thing has been always told to people - “From heaven God loves you…” all these people. See if you were having a roaring love affair right now with somebody next to you here, will you look up and ask for l… rays of love to come towards you? (Devi Shetty Laughs) I’m asking you? No. You’ve made yourself in such a way nobody can love you (Few Laugh). Now only God can love you (Laughter). If you say God loves me, you must know you are such a pathetic despicable case (Laughter). If you made yourself in such a way, nobody can help loving you, you are a wonderful human being, isn’t it?

So when it… we need to understand, there is something called human thought and emotion, human needs of… emotional needs of love, care, touch, this. The cosmos or what you are referring to as the source of creation, or divine or if you want to use the word God, because God personifies thing… we will refuse to use that word. Let us say whatever is the source of creation, which we are referring to as God generally, by religious this thing… essentially it is just an intelligence which is simply exploding into everything possible. If you are in rhythm with it, you will rise. If you are not in rhythm with it, it will crush you. It has no love, it has no compassion, it has no intention of helping you, it has no intention of harming you, it has no nothing. If you understand the forces and ride it, you have a fantastic life. If you do not understand, it will crush you. You’ve seen people doing surf boarding on the waves in the ocean. It is such a magical thing, just riding the waves. But if you don’t do it right, if you go into the waves, it’s like being in a concrete mixer. It will just do that and it will kill you.

So one rides the wave, another gets crushed by the wave, that is all that’s happening. The rest is all human interpretations. This is the first thing we have to stop - that we do not extend our thought and emotion to the existence. This is relevant between you and me. This is relevant between you and your family members - you love them, I love you, you love me, all this fine. Don’t look up at the sky and say “I love you”, (Few Laugh)) it will not say “I love you” back (Few Laugh) because it has no such need. It’s pure existence. This is what you have to become. If you sit here, you are a complete existence by yourself. This is a full-fledged life. It does not need anything from anybody. It has everything. It is connected with everything in the universe. It does not need anything. But we want to play our games okay - we can do all this stuff. But you need to understand - right now we are trying to extend our compulsions to the whole creation. It doesn’t work like that. Existence is not trying to help you. You may be in tune with it (Snaps fingers), bingo you are.

Whether you got in tune with it consciously or unconsciously, somehow you got in tune. That’s why Shankara said Yogarathova, Bhogarathova - that means somehow you do it, I don’t care. You either (Laughs)… like you said all these people who will not die unless you shoot them (Laughter). They are drinking, dancing, somehow. Your… Shankara… Adi Shankara went to the extent of - somehow you do it, you get it man, that’s important. (Laughter) How you get it, who cares (Few Laugh).