I t has been an incredible week that is truly indescribable. I am not articulate enough to describe the terrain, its forms, shapes and colors – too many for anyone even to grasp.

Last two days we have had the fortune of being ensconced on the banks of a tributary of the Indus River, pretty close to the Pakistani border. A few kilometers from the Geke Town, which is in the upper region of the Indus Valley Civilization. The word “Hindu” is a mispronounced version of “Sindhu” – representing the peoples of this land. Referred to as “Hindustan” through the ages, now we have the Anglicised version “India” referring to the land of Sindhu.

This land still trembles with the footprint of Shiva. Camping at the edge of the river surrounded by mountains that change color by the hour. Beauty is one thing but the sheer power of this place is transcendent. A day of quietness and Sadhana have left me in a new state of invigoration and freshness.

Left Geke at 9am, here at Manasarovar at 7pm, driving through harshest terrain with no roads. Pushing the Toyota through rivers and deserts has been exhilarating. None of the other cars have arrived yet; that is, at 8.30pm. Here I am penning the Spot and there is a Sathsang at 9pm for the other group who has arrived, taking a shorter route from Saga. They have all arrived driving on a bus upon a well-laid highway.


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After nearly 500km of rough terrain, I am feeling like it is still early morning. In His fathomless company I do not know fatigue.

Tomorrow we will be trekking to Kailash. This is the 7th year in a row but I am more than excited. May all know the power and ecstasy of Kailash...

Love & Grace