The week has gone by in such a buzz that I hardly realized it was passing. Sathsangs, department meetings and many interesting guests. In all that screamed by me, one little event stays with me for its cuteness.

We opened the swimming pool at the Isha Yoga Center to be used by the Isha Home School children and all the residents of the ashram. We structured the pool upon the third floor overlooking the mountains. A fabulous view. IHS children had a RAP number for the occasion and the breathtaking mountain view could not be missed, unless.......

It once happened that Shankaran Pillai checked into the Chitra Block – the first floor as he insisted that he needed a room with a view. The next day he complained bitterly about the room and when asked 'why', he complained that the mountains were blocking the view from his room.

These mountain peaks haunted me from my infancy; the cascade of grace and knowing that they bear has so invigorated and intoxicated me and many. Cannot think of a better place to dwell. One must spend time with these mountains, know its many moods and meditations to appreciate what I am trying to articulate. Not just a mound of earth but a mount of grace. You should experience this.

Our little enterprise in Chennai called 'Isha Life' has started attracting awards - been judged the best wellness center. The coming week we are on the way to Kailash and Manasarovar, another mountain....

Love & Grace

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