Poem: Fall Time

In this week's Spot, Sadhguru pens a poem from iii, inspired by the glorious change in season. "Leaves of every hue / colorful feast for eye / But a death dance of color / Not of gaiety / but of cold gravity". Included is a photo gallery of fall images from iii as well as BSP with Sadhguru. Enjoy!

Fall Time

Leaves of every hue

colorful feast for eye

But a death dance

of color Not of gaiety

but of cold gravity

Crown and clothing

all tumbling down

Being stripped off

of life making sap

Trees will stand naked

of leaf, flower or fruit

Only in hope of

another lease of life

Autumnal fall

Winter’s rot

Spring’s surprise

This not of life or death

but of life and death

Not a catastrophe

but a carnival

No where to go

as all is Here.

Love & Grace

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7 years ago

Where is there to come from

Where is there to go

All has become stillness
As everything moving and not moving
Is me
- Sadhguru in Eternal Echoes

7 years ago

No way to express it

7 years ago

Oh My God.. the meaning of shiva in a few beautiful lines.. simply awesome..

7 years ago

You are amazing ajith

7 years ago

Beautiful Poem Sadhguru....

7 years ago

"This not of life or death, but of life and death.
Not a catastrophe, but a carnival"

7 years ago

so much said in so little words ..loved it!

7 years ago


7 years ago

hai life, you are interesting

7 years ago

Wow. Sadhguru, you truly have the gift of gab. This is a very beautiful poem.

7 years ago

Anything and everything that flows from Sadhguru is a marvel on it's own. I am wildly amazed, excited and dazzled by Sadhguru's prowess in every aspect of life.You are Shiva.....

4 years 7 months ago

Wow, amazing poem! I usually just skip through Sadhguru's poems but this was just awesome...

7 years ago

simply true and beautiful

7 years ago

Yes even fallen leaves of varied colours look beautiful and reminds us of the transitory nature of existence. Sadhguru calls it a carnival of rise and fall. How appropriate.