Of Pain and Ecstasy

In the middle of Samyama, Sadhguru writes for this week’s Spot about the challenge as well as ecstasy not only of this intense meditation program but of his work as a whole. The included poem, “Fabric of Light,” expresses this in a touching way.
Samyama Program, Feb 2016

వెలుతురు వస్త్రం

In the throes of an intense Samyama, seems like I have forgotten all that happened in the last few weeks. Though so much has been going on lately, I am like a clean slate – Karma Samyama, you see. When nothing is on my mind, looks like I start spilling poetry. Being in the Samyama hall and powering over 800 people into peaks of meditativeness and ecstasy is a daunting challenge energywise, but there is a palpable sense of excitement, pain, tingling, ecstasy, etc., etc.…

Fabric of Light

In my efforts to drape
the world in Fabric of Light
This physical fabric
has seen weakening and
wear. Needs to strengthen
before the tear, with
strands of youthfulness
dyed in Devotion
and Dare. Strands of
love beyond lust. Devotion
beyond doubt. Involvement
beyond individuality.
Only with these strands
can you weave a Fabric
of Light. Yes I want
the world to be clothed
in light. As the naked
will choose to remain
in the Dark.

Love & Grace