As monsoon rains lash
sometimes furious, at times gentle
big blobby drops that could hurt
or fine needle spray – enchanting
puddles of water upon the mud tracks
Trees and plants seem to be boiling
in joy, moving with the wind or moving the winds
at times furious or just still
Dance of life and life making material
How well orchestrated these two months are
will determine the life for the coming year
for all the creatures including humans
in this part of the world. Monsoon this
time around not soon enough. Many
an anxious eye scanning the skies
to see and receive the lively dance of life.

M onsoons are the best times out here at the foothills of Velliangiri. We first moved into this place 20 years ago when the monsoon was at its severest and best. I personally enjoy this season very much though everything gets slowed down, wet, sometimes knee deep water, being soaked to your bones is normal. The fury of the winds and showers are rejuvenating and transforming. Last two weeks of being here has been great. This evening is the starting of the Inner way Program. Thinking of slipping out of full-fledged participation in these events after this one.

With new dispensation at the helm in Delhi we are spared from daily quota of scams but the nation is reeling under the trauma of sexual assaults on women, and children are not spared either. The mindset of various political leaders has not helped at all. The barbaric acts of sexual violence have left society numb and helpless. Understanding the mental make-up of a rapist is a complex process. A whole lot of rethink on many levels of our social life, values, social structures and gender related education and awareness need to be addressed.

Protecting our girl child is of vital importance in nurturing a healthy society. A society that does not respect or take care of its women cannot progress or prosper. Hope the coming years will be towards the blossoming of the feminine.

Love & Grace

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