After a tearful closing of Anaadhi, leaving the place and the people was a real challenge. With a copious flow of tears of joy and ecstasy, all the participants had lined up on either side of Isha Lane as I drove to the iii exit. Flowers in hand and “Don’t go” look in their eyes. It was a moment. To top the “Don’t go” vibe, after putting in a few miles, I realized I had left my blackberry on the porch and had to turn back for the fruit picking - and that put a little pressure on time, so had to floor the powerful SUV towards the airport, only to be told that the flight from Chattanooga to New York was cancelled. With important meetings scheduled for the next morning in NYC, we took a shot at racing to the Atlanta airport in record time, only to be stuck in a traffic jam caused by an accident very close to the airport, which led to a night stay and early flight the next morning to make it to the meeting.

After a busy three days in NYC, and a direct hop to Delhi for a few hours stay, now in Kathmandu. Here the atmosphere is palpable with the excitement of another Kailash yatra. The adventure of the trip could be greatly subdued this time, as much of the road to Manasarovar is believed to be paved, and almost all the river crossings bridged. They are even talking of an airstrip very close to Manasarovar that is operational. The saga of reaching there seems to be largely tamed except, of course, for the challenge of altitude one may encounter. Nepal is a special place on the planet. The sheer abundance of sacred places and the diminutive people who, by nature, are very sweet and devotional, definitely makes it one of its kind in the world.

Waiting in anticipation for one more breathtaking Kailash-Manasarovar yatra. We are off to the land of mysticism, miracles, mountains and our meditators. Believe me, this is an exciting combo.

Moving into the land of the Adi Yogi...

Love & Grace

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