Bharat, the Rhythm of a Nation

In this week’s Spot, Sadhguru posts an excerpt from his “In Conversation” with Dr. Kiran Bedi on the subject “Making of a Nation”. Sadhguru speaks about his vision for 2020, what he would advise the new Parliament, and the power or renaming the country. “The name ‘Bharat’ has power. This power has to reverberate through everybody’s hearts in this country. And the idea of what it means to be an Indian must get across to every human being because if everyone’s aspiration is not the same as the national aspiration, then you don’t have a nation.”
Sadhguru and Kiran Bedi

Below is an excerpt from “In Conversation” with Sadhguru and Dr. Kiran Bedi on the subject “Making of a Nation” in Delhi, June 6, 2014.

Kiran Bedi: What is needed to build a successful nation?

Sadhguru: A nation will be successful only when people’s aspirations are kept alive. They must see that their life is a possibility. If people lose their aspiration, it is a finished nation. It is important to nurture an aspiration and create the possibility within one’s lifespan. We also need to make people’s aspirations into the nation’s aspirations, and the nation’s aspirations into people’s aspirations.

For example, we have been trading with the rest of the world for over ten thousand years. In Syria and many parts of Arabia, there are stories of Indian traders. Aleppo City, which was one of the most beautiful cities, was at one time built on taxes paid by Indian traders. In Lebanon, there is a temple in Baalbek which is over 4,000 years old. Children in Lebanon schools study that Indian labor, elephants, sculptors and yogis constructed this. It is a massive temple. Some of the foundation stones weigh three hundred tons. Sculptures of lotus flowers are hanging from the ceiling. Obviously, there are no lotuses in Lebanon; it was sculptured by Indians. Every Lebanese child knows this. Has any Indian child heard about it?

Over a thousand years ago, Tamil kings went to Cambodia and built Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom. If you see the work that has been done there, you will feel proud of being human. The Angkor Wat is the largest religious building on the planet. Does any Tamil child in Tamil Nadu up to twelfth standard read a line about it in his textbook?

When you don’t feel pride, how do you build a nation? If you are not proud of who you are, why the hell should you stay here? Right now, if Western countries open up their visa policy, eighty percent of Indians will swim across the ocean and go away. That means you are holding them back by force – it is a prison. People should want to be here, but everybody wants to go away and we are holding them. That is not the way to run a nation.

Kiran Bedi: Did we make a mistake in converting our name from Bharat to India?

Sadhguru: A serious mistake. Whenever somebody occupies a nation, the first thing they will do is change your name. This is the technology of dominance; this is the technology of enslaving. If you look at African–American history, when the African people were brought to America, the first thing they did was took their African name away and gave them some silly name. That is what has been done to us – Thiruvananthapuram is “Trivandrum.” Chennai is “Madras.” Like this – “India.” What does it mean? It does not mean anything. If I give you a meaningless name, you will become a meaningless, stupid person in front of me because I have a meaningful name. I have a tradition, I have a culture – you have nothing. So in that context, we have become “India.”

The concept of a nation must sink into everybody’s mind because a nation is just an idea. When this idea burns through your mind and sinks into your heart, and your passion rises, you have a real nation. Otherwise, “nation” is just on paper. This is the unfortunate reality for us right now. When the British left in 1947, the first thing we should have done is change the name in such a way that it resonates in everybody’s mind. You are using an English name for an Indian nation. Hardly a few percent of us can speak English properly in this country. The remaining are essentially left out. One thing I would like to request of the present Prime Minister is that we rename this country in a way that reverberates in everybody’s heart.

I know a whole lot of the intellectual crowd will say, “What is in a name?” When you utter your name, you must understand there is sound. The meaning is only psychological and social. The sound is existential and has a power. “Bharat” has power. This power has to reverberate through everybody’s hearts in this country. And the idea of what it means to be an Indian must get across to every human being because if everyone’s aspiration is not the same as the national aspiration, then you don’t have a nation.

Kiran Bedi: What is your dream and vision of India in 2020?

Sadhguru: One of the most important things is food security, which we are losing out on because we are yielding to certain forces in the world. India has to ensure food and water are taken care of for our people. By 2020, we must be 100% on the ball with food and water. Otherwise, other nations will not attack you with bombs – they will control your food and you will fall at their feet. Right now, seeds are coming from outside the country. If in a certain year, they don’t send seeds, you must see what will happen. Millions of people will go, just like that!

So food and water must be secured 100%. After that industrial development, IT, etc., – these things will happen anyway. But whatever food we eat in this land of Bharat must be generated here. We have land that produces food 12 months of the year, which is a phenomenon. Very few countries in the world can do that. And we must ensure that this happens, or somebody will trip us very easily.

I have said that there are two major problems in the country – poverty and corruption. Corruption is humiliating, but poverty is debilitating. First poverty, let people eat. Then we can talk to them about ethics and values.

Participant: I do pray that soon the Bharatiya Parliament invites you to address them. What would be the agenda you would guide them on for a Sampurna Bharat?

Sadhguru: In Tamil there is a saying. When it comes to selecting a king, do you want a good man or a capable man? If you want to get married, you choose a good man. If you want a king, someone who rules the nation, then you want a capable man. One aspect of capability is strategy. Whether you want to run a small organization or a nation, one very important aspect of managing something successfully – towards a certain direction – is strategy. A strategy works best when it is handled with a certain level of secrecy, a certain discretion as to what everyone should know, and what they should not know. Even if you have a family of two children, you don’t tell them everything. There is some strategy as to what you should tell the child today, tomorrow and the day after. They must be led on.

If you tell the people of this country right now what the ultimate aspiration is, nobody will go there. Everybody will give up right here. You must tell them, “Just this one step right now.” If they walk that step successfully, they are energized and then you give them the next step and the next step. So let us not talk about Sampurna Bharat right now. I would like to talk to the people who manage the country about Sampurna Bharat, but not the people. The people must be led one step at a time. Otherwise, they won’t go.

Building a great nation on one level means building great people, great institutions and an atmosphere which allows people to express their greatness. Right now we have created a situation with an ambiguous and unnecessarily complex rulebook which does not allow an ordinary citizen to be able to fulfill his daily activity without breaking rules in some way. Or in other words, we are making criminals of people who have no intention to be that. Simple and unambiguous rules to conduct economic, social and other activity is the most important need of today. This is something which needs the best minds in the country to work upon - simple rules with minimum loopholes. Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

Love & Grace

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6 years 1 month ago

Search with following title on Youtube:
Making of a Nation: Dr Kiran Bedi in Conversation with Sadhguru on Isha Foundation-June 6
By Yogi Bano

6 years 1 month ago

Bharat Mata Ki Jai!

6 years 1 month ago

I want people to understand that real reason why indians leave india in hordes is because, there really is no space left in this country for anyone ! There are more and more and more and more people, and there is no space for anybody left to do anything....So what do people do? They just fly away to escape this !

6 years 1 month ago

Where is the video of this discussion?

6 years 1 month ago

Since Independence, our History being taught in schools has been distorted continuously. Today children know more about Rambo than Vivekanand. We have abandoned our culture, our history, our tradition. Unless we are proud of our great countrymen, we can not be patriotic. So a serious effort is required to remove such distortions and know truth about our country and thus ourselves. I think our present Prime Minister is quite capable of and has intent to do so. We all in our own capacity must strengthen his hands.

6 years 1 month ago

It is something we all wished , to change the name of our country to 'Bharath'...It is wonderful to hear it from Sadguru himself ..It should happen..Bharath has power...Probably we need a campaign for this...If the responsible people are listening to Sadguru let us make it happen..That will be a huge difference...We are still in many ways under the mind set of enslaved...When the name changes it will be a huge difference to the psychology of the nation.. .Like Sadguru says we have to build pride in people...Let us start with name..Then we can move to culture ,clothes ,food ,education and so on...

5 years 3 months ago

Yes dear friend, so true. Bharat is a huge country with actually lots of space. The only thing is that poor people think that they will find fortunes in bigger cities where the reflection of West is making them more poor. There is also overpopulation because of it. I love country sites, it's clean, green, no toxics, no influances from the West. Land is cheaper to build houses on it, but who cares with the modern attitudes nowadays. Hats off for all the farmers who keeps the country sites in good state. The young generation should be taught how to invest in country sites. Good to raise children in clean millieu.

6 years 1 month ago

Excellent. Hope we rename our country as Bharat.

6 years 1 month ago

As we see people of wisdom born elsewhere come to India for wellbeing, we also people of slave gene going away from India with pride. In those 80% mentioned it would be around 10% for making money, explore a new environment, touring, opportunities etc., remaining 70% have just the compulsive interests to go ...just to go. They know no greatness of this country nor they have any idea about it. They are just children of inferiority. The inferiority and slavery.... planted in their minds during invasion.

People are trying to change their identity without any application of sense, they don't have enough knowledge to understand what stuff this country is. They don't have capability to understand original pride, they are smudged by hypocrisy, blunted by inferiority. They just want to copy something which is not in their originality.

Women have started self-harassment in place of self-decoration and declared it modern.
Men started to support the same, in fear of alienation or for own business/ conveniences.
Still the other part of country is allured to this behavior, they feel proud in imitating. Sheer slaves or otherwise clowns.

And in one day if all these people leave the country, then we might say the country is filled with original Indian pride in the remaining 20%, who are kings of themselves, the sons of the soil. May be Bharata is about that, only Indians of pride and not post-freedom-but-still-inferior slaves.
One nation that can be called purely agriculture nation is India, now we have started losing this big time. Its god grace to be feeder of the earth, as sadhguru mentioned we can feed the earth 12 months in a year. Our ancient civilization had good brains and big heart to do that, but we became buffoons in between. We are taking advice from younger civilizations who work on only business motives. Where did our wisdom go??, it is just lost in the slave gene, which was programed into us during invasion. How many slaves have celebrated slavery on this earth..??
The religions of the country, are not of this country. For this country never had a religion. One more anomaly planted by invaders for their welfare. People of the country should understand they were and they are purposely separated for somebody else's benefit. If you become alien in your own nation, you are just a refugee anywhere on earth. so don't be insane, whichever god you pray is just again a program of invaders for their political gain. There is just one almighty, only political leaders can be many not the omnipotent.
Bharata will you awake to your ancient glory and pride..?? or succumb to your false image because your children have embraced slavery, foolishness...with pride.

6 years 1 month ago

I missed the conversation with Kiran Bedi. I checked the archives but I do not find it there. Is there a plan to make it available to us?

6 years 1 month ago

MATA means Mother
Mother means who nourishes who is self reliant, who is passionate warm and so many qualities which we can think about can be quality of our govt who ever is in power. Should work and behave in that manner will make the difference. Moreover in the case of enmity by our naeighboursbthen mother becomes God Durga that kind of Power we should have and we are capable off also.

6 years 1 month ago

Therefore Request To all people of my country who is reading tobme for god sake these politicians should understand value of mother and let the name of India which has been given by these bloody Britishers should be replaced and replicate all the positive qualities and strength of mother should be our rights our constitution and on that basis each and every human being should live his life and should achive the purpose for which he is living.

6 years 1 month ago

Even who are here in India, only may be 10% of them know the greatness of Bharat. So, these 90% of who are here in Bharat imitate the west.
Omkar narayan