We are holding Ananda Alai Mahasathsangs throughout Tamil Nadu – seventeen of them. “Ananda Alai” means “wave of bliss” and we have already hit three cities: Madurai, Dindigul and Trichy.

The Madurai Mahasathsang was especially fantastic because it poured rain until 5:30 in the evening, thirty minutes before the Sathsang was to start. It was just knee-deep rain. The volunteers were desperately trying to clean the chairs and set up the place but everything kept getting soaked. I couldn’t even get out of the car. I had to drive up to the ramp to get out.

And in spite of this, about 35,000 people came. During the Sathsang, the water started slowly receding, but about 6-7,000 people sitting in the center segment remained knee-deep in water. It was quite incredible for them to sit like that. How many people can do that? Normally, in this kind of weather, these things get called off. But not our people.

The whole town was amazed at how the volunteers worked – they were just watching them with the expression on their face, Who are these people working like this? Everybody was soaked but they wanted to make it happen no matter what, so they called me at 4:00 and said, “Sadhguru, what to do? It’s raining like crazy and the ground is full of water. What to do?” I said, “We’ll start the Sathsang at 6:00.” They wanted to make it happen no matter what; they were so scared it would be called off. They even started digging trenches to keep the place clean.

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The enthusiasm of the volunteers and participants has triggered a desire in me to keep this wave of bliss aflame – to set Tamil Nadu on fire. So for the first time in over ten years, I will be teaching Inner Engineering programs in Tamil in 2011. We are looking to hold three-day programs in Chennai, Trichy, Salem and Madurai.

Alai, Alai, Alai...

Love & Grace