As this body is nothing other than earth - the nature of the earth, the moods of the earth, and the changes that the earth goes through - the human system also goes through. In this context, Saturday’s full moon is an important day. This is the first full moon day after the shifting of the sun’s run in relation to the earth, from northern to southern. We call this Dakshinayana. We were in Uttarayana. Now we have moved to Dakshinayana.

These two phases of the sun’s run in relation to the planet have a significant impact on how the human system functions. So accordingly, spiritual aspirants shift their tone of activity. The duration of the sun’s run in the northern hemisphere of the planet is the time of fulfillment; the time from January to June is masculine in nature. Now we are in the feminine phase of the earth; these six months are the time of receptivity. Shiva chose to teach in this season because he said this is the time when beings are receptive; he spent the coming phase of the moon cycle observing his now-celebrated seven disciples and made up his mind to transmit the sacred science of yoga, a conscious way of evolving human consciousness. He started his teaching, or transmission, from the coming full moon in the month of July, which is known as Guru Pournima.  On that day, he sat facing south and hence he is known as Dakshinamurthy, or the one who faced south. This is the day when the Adi Yogi took the role of being a guru and thus it is the full moon of the Guru.

The whole culture of India was attuned to this shift of the solstice. It is from this date onwards that festivals start, particularly those festivals concerned with the feminine energy. So this is the phase of intimacy, this is the moon phase of the earth. This is the southern run. Here the earth is acting out her role as a woman or as the feminine.

At Anaadhi, the second mandala of sadhana, of receptivity, has started - moving the mood and texture of the situation from hard sadhana to gentleness of grace.

May you know the grace of the Guru.

Love and Blessings,

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