A Few Poems From Sadhguru on World Poetry Day

On this World Poetry Day, here’s a small collection of poems that Sadhguru has written over the years for the Forest Flower English magazine.
A Few Poems From Sadhguru on World Poetry Day

On this World Poetry Day, here’s a small collection of poems that Sadhguru has written over the years for the Forest Flower English magazine.

There's also a chance to bring out the poet in you. Today being the first day of spring, can you come up with a few lines about a new start to life?

Editor's Note: 84 of Sadhguru's poems have been published in "Eternal Echoes", available at Isha Downloads.

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5 years 4 months ago

insane paa...just kidding. beautiful lines

5 years 4 months ago

Namsakaram Sadhguru, cosmos?

4 years 10 months ago

This was something I wrote on another site,

Desires- To Be Born Again

A pull of magic,
What trap has the world set me in?
That I envy myself feeling full of sin,
My body, mind and soul sick,

To run away from these desires,
That pull me back the more I move away,
Oh God!Please Say!
Why do they haunt me?My Devils!

Incredible Pain,
With knowledge that I'm wrong,
My mind's call rang,
Trying to make me sane,

Why do I feel dead?
Still seeing my existence,
In just subsistence,
Without hatred or greed;

I want to kill me,
To be born again,
Dancing in God's Rain,
To get wet feeling free...

Another poem:

The Real Me

Unexplored my heart stands
Craving for me to come and travel
Discovering all the gems of
'The Real Me'

Infinite Potential,
I can feel in me,
The Almighty residing in,
'The Real Me'

Deep down there
The fear vanishes
The things clear up in,
'The Real Me'

Set in the world of eternity,
Happiness everywhere,
Lighting the world,
‘The Real Me’

Having no non-existent desires,
The God my only crave,
Nothing more pure than,
‘The Real Me’

The purpose of my life found,
Eternal bliss I feel,
The ultimate happiness in,
‘The Real Me’

5 years 4 months ago

Here is a poem I wrote about the need to turn inwards for life to really begin.

Who Am I, looking out of these eyes?

What do you see? Can you see me?

Can you tell? Are we under a spell?

Does this seem like a dream?

Does it feel like its real?

Can it be true about Me and You?

Are we two? If so, what to do?

Two of what, two of who?

This I must know, must find out.

Cannot live anymore with this doubt.

There must be a way, I cannot delay.

I must start today!

For this cannot wait, cannot leave it to fate.

Its up to me, to look in and see.

I am here in myself, no journey to make,

Nowhere to go, just stay awake.

Just close my eyes and see what is me,

And when I know this I will be free!

4 years 4 months ago

My I

For every dog had His day,
Man does make his own,
Indulgence is my friend and foe, together,
like a fore-teller's card,
with ingenious graffiti on one side
and a lost devil on the other.
The taste of the air we breathe, the one who knows
is a dog from the holy gutter.
Discernment is a gene in every other
But the hoes are blunt and thicker
To believe without knowing
to work without worship
to worry without reason, is our.
Misleading is the 'i'
like a thief sly
so he knows who doesn't need try.

5 years 4 months ago


Empty empty empty
So small So vast
is it you ? is it me ?
Sitting sitting sitting
empty empty empty.

5 years 4 months ago


What noise your dance
The light and joy you bring
Plants sing loud
birds listen
frogs join Chanting
Oh! Sacred Sacred Rain.

5 years 4 months ago


Your Laugh
Your Smile
Your Dance
Your Stare!
I Bow
Empty i Cry

5 years 4 months ago

Beyond the silvern hallway where the neon speaks in streams
And bound behind the flower made of lightning in my dreams
The angelsong is spilling out dimensions in my mind
And illusions that enslave me now forever far behind


5 years 4 months ago


Sometimes you seem to be there,

Other times you seem to be nowhere,

While others see you everywhere,

I don't see, Why this game with me?

Why this hide-and-seek?

Is this the play of the delusive mind?

Will there be a time when,

everything is crystal clear?

Will there be a time when,

I see you in me forever?

5 years 4 months ago


You are my joy,

you are my pain,

you are my toy,

you are my paean,

you are my prayer,

you are my mother,

you are my lover,

you are my teacher,

you are the shield,

you are the slayer,

you are wine,

you are divine,

you are darkness,

you are light,

you bring laughter,

you bring terror,

you bring clarity,

you bring confusion,

you are here,

you are there,

you are the beginning,

you are the end,

you are my will,

you are my way

This wait is too long,

I am unable to bear,

I am willing to cease,

Destroy me, please!

5 years 4 months ago


5 years 4 months ago


Those haunting questions seem endless,

Have left me confused and restless,

Whomever I approached for solution,

Gave me confusion, left me in illusion,

Ever since I did the Inner Engineering,

Everything happened as a disguised blessing,

At last, Realize I did, after falling into every pit,

For the questions to quell, I need the master's spell,

When he is away questions come up,

When he is near, I just shut up,

It is hard to explain

Whether I am sane or insane.