Rally For Rivers is generating a huge amount of excitement in each of the states where it is passing. Even the CMs of states where the rally is not passing, such as Chhattisgarh and Assam, have expressed their support.

Eight states and six different political parties have participated so far in the 20 days of Rally For Rivers.

Union Minister of Environment, Dr. Harsh Vardhan, flagged off the rally, and gave his commitment to revive India’s rivers. Vice President Venkiah Naidu will be in Delhi for the culmination of the rally.

Three states have already started working towards river rejuvenation - Karnataka, Maharashtra, and Madhya Pradesh - and will be supported by Isha Foundation.


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Other states are also in the process of working on river rejuvenation schemes and announcements should be forthcoming before the end of the rally.

The CM of Kerala has said he will look into the desilting of Siruvani dam.

Numerous domain experts have come forward to lend their expertise to the river rejuvenation policy recommendation, including experts such as Rajendra Singh (the “waterman of India”) and Professor TV Ramachandra, from the Centre for Ecological Sciences, IISC Bangalore.

Irrespective of religion or background, people from all over have come forward to participate in the rally.

Several celebrities, social leaders and political leaders across party lines are all ready to make the Rally For Rivers happen in the best possible way.