Rally for Rivers: Live Coverage – Day 4

Rally for Rivers: Live Coverage – Day 4 in Tiruchirapalli


Welcome at Tiruchirapalli

The Rally arrived late last night in Trichy. Heavy rain had left the event venue, which was on the banks of river Kaveri, very slushy. However, the enthusiastic crowd that gathered gave it no thought.


Chief Guests on Stage

The dais was fairly full of dignitaries. There were two experts: Angals Raja of the Nammalvar Ecological Foundation and entomologist Poochi Nee Selvam. Also, there were representatives of several farmer groups, Rev. Fr. Leo Fernando of St Joseph's college, DR Karthikeyan, former Special Director, CBI.

Sadhguru outlined the situation of depleting rivers and explained why he was undertaking Rally for Rivers. He said there were many complexities involved in the policy recommendations and that the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University was bringing in their technical expertise.

The audience promised Sadhguru that they would continue to campaign for the Rally and make sure that all of Tamil Nadu gave a missed call to 80009 80009.

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