Week in Review - New Center in Northern California!


Rejuvenation Center in Northern California

After race car driving with speed racer Chris Rado in Los Angeles, Sadhguru headed north for a number of exciting events. Sadhguru’s visit to the San Francisco area was an unexpected privilege that was cherished by all. The first day Sadhguru arrived, he visited lands that could be possible venues for an energy center. And one of the Bay Area meditators, Venkataramana Rao Arimilli, generously came forward to donate the land needed to create this powerful possibility, which will host a feminine energy form. It is 96 acres of beautiful land near the Pebble Beach area. The same evening, Venkat hosted a private dinner at his home, where Sadhguru addressed 40 guests from different backgrounds who play prominent roles in the Bay Area.

Sadhguru Tees it Up!

The next day started with a golf fundraiser for Isha Vidhya, where four participants had the privilege to play golf with Sadhguru. Their participation served as a donation that sponsored the complete 12 years of education for four children.

And in the evening was a Sathsang with Sadhguru. Around 200 meditators attended and were thrilled to hear Sadhguru share about the new energy center and his vision of creating a “wave of bliss” in the United States. After watching the Anandha Alai video and the tremendous work the volunteers have done in India, many were inspired to spread the word about the Inner Engineering Online program, making use of such technology to make this silent revolution happen in the U.S.

Leadership Retreat & Sathsang in Los Angeles

The latest Leadership Retreat with Sadhguru took place in Los Angeles from Feb 3-6, followed by a Sathsang.

One volunteer shares:

I am entirely humbled and overwhelmed knowing how much Sadhguru has given of himself and how we have had the privilege to experience life filled with grace of inner and outer beauty. Volunteering for Sadhguru is a source of pleasurable dedication and gratitude. Through his teachings, I am learning in priceless ways to be a better person. It is refreshing to be amongst a group of volunteers I had not met before, all of them solely determined and focused down to the minute detail to create the ultimate atmosphere in honor of Sadhguru and the Inner Engineering participants. Remarkably and unexpectedly, I found all the volunteers to be in sync without ego -- a tribute and extension of the harmony I have been feeling more and more every day since I started Shambhavi six months ago!

Kala Bhairava Shanthi

The first Kala Bhairava Shanthi took place on Amavasya, the new moon night. This is a process for the deceased which can be done any time after death. As Sadhguru has written:

Sadhguru wrote: It has been very much a part of yogic culture – that if somebody dies and does not have the awareness to conduct his death properly, then somebody else does it for him. We would like people to live blissfully. If they don't live blissfully, then at least they must die peacefully. If they don't even do that, we want to do something after they die. So even if you die, I will not spare my efforts to turn you spiritual.

Residents gathered in the Linga Bhairavi temple for the initial part of the process, and then walked to the Nirkaya Sthanam, or pond, opposite Spanda Hall to take part in the remaining rituals.

One resident shares her experience through poetry:

Dead of the night. Devi's Grace.
Unfamiliar rituals. Hundreds of still witnesses.
Luring chants for the helpless departed one.
A moonless darkness and a vast unknown.
Compassion of the Guru, and the miniscule me.
Can only stand with folded hands.

The next Kalabhairava Shanthi will take place on 4 March 2011 at 11:30pm, the day after Mahashivarathri. All are welcome. For those interested in obtaining more information about the process, please visit the Linga Bhairavi website.